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Oct 20, 2006 08:51 PM

Happy hour in Burbank that won't kill me - impossible request, it's challenge!!

This is a ridiculous request, but a friend wants to go to BJ's Brewery for Happy Hour and I don't. Just one scan of the menu revealed nothing but deep fried madness, fat-abulous salads and lots of cheesy grease. Basically, same as Gordon Biersh.

Anything else around this area for happy hour that has at least a few healthy options (note: I hate PF Chang's).


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  1. Chadaka Thai in downtown Burbank.


    1. Hey Clare K,

      How about Gordon Biersch?

      145 S San Fernando Blvd
      Burbank, CA

      There is also Barragan's

      730 N Victory Blvd (Cross Street: Chandler Boulevard
      )Burbank, CA 91502

      Not sure if they have happy hour but there is a Morton's as well

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      1. re: tokyoastrogirl

        If the Morton's is like the one in downtown, then they have happy hour. $4 food, some drink specials on "mortinis."

        1. re: tokyoastrogirl

          Gordon Biesch and Barragan's really aren't better than BJ's, not at all.

        2. Do happy hours ever have healthy options?

          Take a rain check for today and go to Bodega Wine Bar in Pasadena on M W Th or Sun.

          1. There's this new place across from City Hall (Olive) name Lasher's restaurant. It's an up scale steak house. They have happy hour as well. Classy atmosphere.


            1. Gordon Biersch may not be the healthiest, but those garlic fries are awesome! And for a chain, the atmosphere is good.

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              1. re: mojoeater

                It's definitely healthier than BJ's, that's for sure.

                Do what we do -- go play pool and have happy hour at Fantasia Billiards. They don't serve food until 6 PM, so you have an excuse to bring in food from Granville, which is two doors south of it.