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Anyone hear back from El Bulli yet?

I have a friend who emailed on the 15th, as advised, & getting nervous he hasn't heard anything. I explained it's probably hours & hours of work to schedule the restaurant for an entire year & to give it at least a week. Has anyone had any faster communication?

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  1. It takes much longer than a week to get a positive response back (the "no" responses go out first). I wouldn't expect to hear anything affirmative before mid-November.

    1. I got my rejection email this afternoon. I've been trying for 6 years now and still haven't been able to get a reservation

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        I'm sorry - try back in about 3 weeks to a month, or when we hear people are geting confirmations - there's bound to be some who can't use their resvs. Be sure to address request to Sr. Garcia - I think that might help!

      2. I unfortunately emailed them on the 19th (i forgot about checking when reservations were available!), and got my reject email today. they said it's hard to keep a waitlist but will try to get in touch with me a week before my desired date (9/15/07) to let me know if there are cancellations. darn.

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            Congratulations on winning the lottery! I hope it's as wonderful as anticipated - it was for me!

          2. Has anyone been at El Bulli for lunch? Is it comparable with a dinner or is it something completely different. I've got a reservation for a lunch, it's a gift for someone else, but what can we tell them to expect?

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              They're not open for lunch!
              Unless you're thinking of the El Bulli Hotel near Seville.

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                They ARE open for lunch on Sundays during the Spring (April-May-June).

            2. Lunch is only on the weekends, I believe. Weekend lunches in Spain are big meals, so they are sure to get the full treatment. Personally, I would prefer to do a lunch (Can I be your friend?)--it would be more relaxed and you could enjoy that beautiful setting for more hours (and not have to worry about doing the drive back in the dark).

              1. I was lucky enough to receive a "yes" from el bulli a few weeks ago.

                After replying that I of course was going to take the reservation, I haven't heard back from the kind folks at El Bulli. Should I have received a confirmation of confirmation? Am I all set reservation wise?

                I'm sure my over excitement has turned into paranoia but just wanted to make sure.

                1. @estufarian: they open for lunch (and not for dinner) on Sundays in April, May and June!

                  @butterfly: unfortunataly the reservation isn't for myself, it's a christmasspresent!

                  I haven't heared anything back after confirming either, so I guess we'll hear from them soon. I've contacted mr. Garcia a couple of times after receiving the reservation option because one of the lucky receivers appeared to be on holiday at the date they got, they were able to exchange the reservation date so I received a new reservation option, which I immediately confirmed of course. You can always email them and ask, but I think we'll hear from them in a while.

                  1. I've received my confirmation for the reservation a couple of minutes ago!!!!! Mr. Garcia is my hero! Since it's a present I've asked him quite some questions since I received the 'yes' for the reservation and he has been so kind to answer all my questions and he's even going to sent me a note that we can give them when we tell them what their christmas present is! I was totally surprised that I was able to make a reservation at all and on top of it all they also take the time to answer all my questions (I can imagine they are very buissy with planning all the reservations and all). I've never experienced a top restaurant with such a nice service (well, must say that De Librije in Zwolle is also very customer friendly)!

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                      He really is a great guy - I was sortof sad he wasn't there the night we had dinner to thank him in person. Felt like he was an old friend after all our reservation mess-ups - but he solved my self-inflicted problem in a very gracious & warm way.

                    2. I got the reservation confirmation this morning! YAY!! I will be a first timer!