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Oct 20, 2006 08:39 PM

Anyone hear back from El Bulli yet?

I have a friend who emailed on the 15th, as advised, & getting nervous he hasn't heard anything. I explained it's probably hours & hours of work to schedule the restaurant for an entire year & to give it at least a week. Has anyone had any faster communication?

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  1. It takes much longer than a week to get a positive response back (the "no" responses go out first). I wouldn't expect to hear anything affirmative before mid-November.

    1. I got my rejection email this afternoon. I've been trying for 6 years now and still haven't been able to get a reservation

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        I'm sorry - try back in about 3 weeks to a month, or when we hear people are geting confirmations - there's bound to be some who can't use their resvs. Be sure to address request to Sr. Garcia - I think that might help!

      2. I unfortunately emailed them on the 19th (i forgot about checking when reservations were available!), and got my reject email today. they said it's hard to keep a waitlist but will try to get in touch with me a week before my desired date (9/15/07) to let me know if there are cancellations. darn.

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            Congratulations on winning the lottery! I hope it's as wonderful as anticipated - it was for me!

          2. Has anyone been at El Bulli for lunch? Is it comparable with a dinner or is it something completely different. I've got a reservation for a lunch, it's a gift for someone else, but what can we tell them to expect?

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              They're not open for lunch!
              Unless you're thinking of the El Bulli Hotel near Seville.

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                They ARE open for lunch on Sundays during the Spring (April-May-June).