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Oct 20, 2006 08:34 PM

Eleven Madison Park Prix Fixe or Country?

I just made a reservation at Eleven Madison Park and was told that they only have a $76 prix fixe now. Anyone had it? Impressions? How would it compare to Country? Thanks.

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  1. Had the tasting last month - very good and highly recommended.

    If I were to go back today I would have the truffles,
    but it was all good and I was there pre-truff.

    1. I haven't been to Country (only the downstairs Cafe), but we've been to Eleven Madison Park several times since Chef Humm took over the kitchen. For our most recent dinner there, we chose to go with the 3-course prix-fixe specifically because we wanted to order the duck for two. The whole duck is presented, then returned to the kitchen for plating. The breast is served first. The confit in the form of a little "cake" is then served as a separate course. In a word: Fabulous!! Our starters were the exceptional foie gras terrine, which is accompanied by the super-sensational foie gras creme brulee, and the excellent seviche of scallops and lobster. Can't recall now what we had for dessert, but they were delicious. Overall, an absolutely wonderful meal.

      1. country is delicious, but i loved 11 madison much more! i'd definitely recommend that.

        1. I had the gourmand tasting at EMP and I was a bit underwhelmed by it. All I recalled was foams, foams and more foams. The waiter also said there would be "extras" from the chefs but nope, it was strict to the menu with no special off the course dishes. I must say the seared foie gras and tender veal was meltingly sublime and decadent. Im still having dreams about it. Unfortunately thats not an option in the 76.00 prix fixe menu. But I would still go back.

          1. We were at EMP on a few weeks ago Saturday night to celebrate my GF's birthday.

            We ordered al la carte. The lobster amuse was delicate and interesting although nothing remarkable.

            My GF liked her foie gras terrine starter well enough. I ordered the potato gnocchi which would have been very good indeed except for the fact that they were served with 2 of the strongest tasting cured sardines I've ever encountered. They totally overwhelmed the gnocci where they came into direct contact; this dish was just badly conceived.

            My GF's main -"Suckling Pig Confit with Cipollini Onions, Plum Chutney and Five Spice Jus," sounded wonderful on the menu. On the plate it was a bit underwhelming. We were sharing portions and I actually liked it better than her, a B+ to her B.

            My main - "Wild Atlantic Halibut “Piquée aux Truffes” with Crispy Potatoes and Watercress Emulsion" might have been good if it hadn't been overcooked to the point of being a bit chewy. I would have mentioned this to the waiter had he come around and inquired in the first few minutes after serving the food. He didn't appear and while I normally would have gotten up and brought this to someone's attention it seemed like poor form for a birthday dinner. FWIW my GF liked the flavor of the dish - I couldn't get past the chewyness to give it a fair judgment.

            We ordered from the cheese assortment for dessert. These were simply outstanding. At the point the water took our dessert selections I mentioned the problem with the halibut and we were comped two glasses of very nice dessert wine.

            Aside from the waiter's 10 minute disappearance service was very good. The meal itself was a bit of a disappointment, especially in view of the price point and positive comments we'd read here and elsewhere.

            Oh well.