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Oct 20, 2006 08:22 PM

Fish, Chips, and PEAS!

Hey all,

Being originally from England, I'm craving a good Fish and chips. I know a couple of good places for this - but I'm actually looking for something more specific...! Is there anywhere in Toronto (in or close to downtown) that does the British traditional Fish and Chips served with peas?! Everywhere I know of serves with coleslaw on the side...but I want PEAS!!!!! :D

Help appreciated!

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  1. chippy's on queen west has mushy peas as an additional side.

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    1. re: shana

      Hmm, I know that place...excellent fish. But preferably not mushy peas (my other half doesn't like them mushy!!!!).

    2. Oh, not mushy? That'll be harder to find. British Style (Dundas and Coxwell) has peas -- they are mushy, but less thoroughly 'mushed' than Chippy's.

      I'm sorry I can't help. I haven't seen peas as a side in any of F&C stores I've been.

      1. The place called Frank McNie's at Burnamthorpe and Martin Grove and High Street F&C on Underhill, near Lawrence and DVP (which actually IS Frank McNie's).

        1. Bishop and Belcher, and English pub that used to be on Queen near CityTV did their fish and chips with proper (not mushy) peas - but I haven't been there since they moved to Church and Hayden... worth a call tho, I imagine.

          1. I'm 99% positive St. Andrews offers peas with their f&c.

            St Andrews Fish & Chips
            1589 Ellesmere Road,
            Scarborough, ON M1P 2Y3