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Oct 20, 2006 08:22 PM

Ohio Chowhound looking for Boston/Waltham recs?

Will be in Boston area next weekend for couple days icw Parent's Weekend at Brandeis. Looking for: 1) North End suggestion for next Thursday evening, preferably with parking (Antico Forno still good? need reservation?) 2) Will end up Friday near Boston Common/Pru Center, looking for good seafood restaurant, reasonably priced, 3) Saturday will be doing Brandeis stuff and MFA in afternoon, looking for Italian seafood, North End would be OK if we can overcome parking nightmare. We will have rental car, there will be 4 of us, 2 adults, 1 college kid and 1 teenager. Prefer reasonable $15-25 pp places with reservation possibilities (we all can't stand to wait too long!). Our aim is to park car in city and travel via T, bus, etc. Not afraid of public transportation. Prefer typical Chowish owner operated places to chains (no Legal Seafood please). Breakfast suggestions between Doubletree Suites in Waltham and Riverside T also welcome, as well as must tries along Freedom Trail. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Trattoria Toscana in Fenway, near MFA, is outrageously authentic Tuscan food. Most chowish.

    1. Second Trattoria Toscana at 130 Jersey St. Really good stuff. A favorite on this board.

      General comment: almost all "really good" restaurants in Boston do fish well. It is not necessary to go to a fish oriented restaurant to get good seafood.

      Seafood oriented places in Back Bay are limited. Check out:(no special order)

      Atlantic Fish Co., Boylston St. near Fairfield
      Turner Fisheries, Westin Hotel
      Skipjacks, Clarendon St. at St James Ave.
      Jasper White's Summer Shack, Dalton St.

      As for Waltham, run a search on this board for Moody Street in Waltham. Lots of good places.

      1. Brandeis is great- happy you are Boston bound.

        In terms of Waltham suggestions: Solea (great tapas, roughly $25 per person. Not sure if this would be a hit with kids).
        Jake and Earl's Dixie Roadhouse has reliable BBQ.
        The Elephant Walk has interesting brunch choices (Cambodian and French).

        Il Panino in the North End is always reliable and reasonable, but with a tiny bathroom. I am not sure if they take reservations. Try parking at Fanueil Hall and walking over- parking in the North End is a hassle.

        Near MFA: Betty's Noodle Wok (across from Symphony) is great updated Asian- you choose your noodle, meat, ingredients, sauce and they do the rest. "Cukes and weed" appetizer is unusually good.

        I second the suggestion to try Jasper White's Summer Shack as a casual alternative to Legal's. Kids will fee comfortable here.


        1. For an interesting inexpensive dinner try Vinny's at night in Somerville. You can look up other posts on this place by searching Vinny's at Night. It is authentic Italian in the back of a convenience store. Not sure they take reservations.
          I have a friend who goes to the Doubletree in Walthm for brunch all the time and says it is good-FWIW_ you might check into it.

          1. Well, we made reservations for Antico Forno for Thursday in the North End and Summer Shack in Cambridge Friday night. Now, if only public transportation and parking will cooperate we should be all set.The game plan is to drive in and park at the Musuem of Science both days as the parking garage is open till 11 p.m. We will do the T for in Boston moving around. Thanks Fodorites. The kids are trying to talk us into doing Salem on Saturday, just not sure I am up for such dense crowding! Will let you know what we thought next week. If I can return the favor in Ohio, will be glad to do it. Thanks!