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Oct 20, 2006 08:02 PM

Watercress Cafe

I just noticed this small, appealing-looking cafe in Sherman Oaks (1 block east of Woodman on Ventura Blvd). Is it new? Has anyone tried it?

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  1. We are looking forward to trying it soon! I've only heard good reports so far.
    I understand Watercress only cooks Breakfast and Lunch and the ingredients are very Fresh and Organically focused.

    1. I've been there two times already because of its convenient location near the Coffee Roaster, one of my haunts, and both times it was wonderful. The space is small, but the room is lovely, bright, and well designed. The menu changes often because the women who runs it makes all the food fresh, so there is a good selection, and nothing tastes like its been sitting behind the glass for two days. If she makes it again, I suggest tryng the couscous and samon salad, or the orzo salad.

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        I love watercress. The food is really good (also healthy) and it's just a nice place to sit and eat. I really like the yoghurt, granola and fresh fruit for breakfast. Simple, clean decor. One of the owners also owns the Coffee Roaster, next door -- where I've gotten my coffee beans for years.
        Must disclose that I do Watercress' flowers, but I would have said the same even before I started that. Give it a try. It's too empty in there....