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Oct 20, 2006 07:41 PM

Molded chocolate

I bought a pyramid-shaped chocolate mold with the intention of making a pyramid-shaped shell out of chocolate and filling it with chocolate mousse. I took a bag of semisweet chocolate chips and melted a good bit down. It wasn't runny enough to pour into the mold (I'd have to paint it in and, well, I didn't want to do that), so I added some vegetable oil. This made the chocolate very pourable. After refrigerating the molded chocolate pyramids for a while, I tried to unmold them--unsuccessfully so, though. The chocolate was too soft and would not hold the pyramid shape. I blame this on the veggie oil. I know I could use that "chocolate" stuff they sell by candy molds in craft stores, but I'm hesitant to eat something sold in a craft store. Any suggestions about how I can get my chocolate chips (I bought 'em at Costco, so it would be a shame to let all 144 oz. go to waste!) to melt down and actually unmold from the pyramids? Thank you!!!

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  1. You can always temper them. See the recent thread on that. They never work quite as well as a bar, but if you are willing to refrigerate them, they can work.

    1. Maybe you used too much oil? I use candy chocolate all the time and even that sometimes needs thinning so, there's a product that looks like chipped/shaved wax but, it's really solid oil flakes. I sprinkle a few in and melt w/the chocolate and it works every time. Could also be the consistency of the two chocolates. I don't usually use chocolate chips for molding. Michaels craft shops sell Wilton and Guittard chocolate discs. These are perfectly fine and what is used for chocolate molding. There is also Nestle. I have found that the Nestle is best for white and Guittard is best for milk and dark chocolates.

      Save what you have and dip strawberries or dried fruits and nuts with it. Great as little gifts for the holidays. If the chocolate is still sticky, roll the fruits, nuts, pretzels, etc in some dark cocoa powder after dipping. You'll have a winner for sure. Store the chocolate in a cool place but, not the fridge or freezer. This is where I get my products: The Chocolate Factory 12508 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91608
      (818) 766-8220 / Fax: (818)766-8310. Maybe they can help you or ship you products. Good Luck! :)KQ

      1. It's my understanding that the candy melts sold in the craft stores contain parafin. Personally, I have never enjoyed eating wax. I usually add a touch of crisco to melted chocolate when using molds.

        1. The problem w/ using chocolate chips like that is they're made to hold their shape, even when heated. If you add a little shortening to them, they might hold their shape in smaller molds (I've heard but never tried). Those craft store coins are plasticy tasting (some take out the cocoa butter and add paraffin and shortening) and if you're going through the trouble of making the mousse to fill, you probably don't want plasticy chocolate. I've only seen the Wilton ones, though, and not Guittard which makes good chocolate chips so maybe their coins are better. You'll find it's so easy using real chocolate, after what you've just experienced. There's so much you can do w/ chocolate chips (great ideas from above posts), even if you don't use them for molds.