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West Adams -- Any and All Suggestions

I'm two weeks away from a move to a new place in the West Adams area. The new place is a few blocks from the Crenshaw Phillips, which obviously will become a new (and waistline enhancing) favorite. But I need other choices, and this seems like a neighborhood that should be a haven for true hounds. Any and all favorites would be appreciated.

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  1. The gumbo at Bayou Grille is really good.
    Bayou Grille
    1400 N. La Brea, Inglewood

    And although I still haven't tried it, by all accounts, the gumbo at Harold and Belle's is amazing.

    Also, pass by The Crab Pit when I go to Bayou Grille, will need to try that out: 1220 N. LaBrea, 310-673-1677.

    Plus you'll be pretty close to culver city and all of its offerings.

    1. Thanks . . . will definitely have to check these out.

      1. Marilyns across the street from Phillips on Crenshaw
        Tasty Q for Fried Turkey
        J&J Burger Shack & BBQ for great Q, Smoked Chiken Wings and great potatoe salad
        Chili Johns on Crenshaw south of Jefferson a few blocks
        The Hot Dog Place on Crenshaw north of 43rd

        1. Thanks -- what does Marilyn's serve?

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            A variety of soul food items, at a very low cost per item. Lines out the door are very common.

          2. The Kobbler King on Jefferson is also a good bet, even though the location is technically in Jefferson Park, not West Adams. Peach and mixed berry are great. The savory ones (chicken, etc.) are good, too, although I would pass on "seafood cobbler."


            1. Thanks. The Kobbler King looks amazing.

              1. There's a good burrito shack on Western right by the freeway, whose name escapes me at the moment. I reviewed it about a year ago. Good carnitas.

                1. Perhaps this link will help, not exactly sure if this is the area you are interestd in...


                  1. El Salvadorian seafood place on the corner of SW Crenshaw and Pico...not sure what the name of it is. But it's very good! Always crowded and most of the waitresses speak mostly spanish. Good seafood soup!

                    1. I really like the blakeyed peas and Babes and Rickys in Liemert Park. And there's music and hospitality as well.

                      1. I really like the blakeyed peas and Babes and Rickys in Liemert Park. And there's music and hospitality as well.