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ISO great meal with no scene for $25

Looking for a spot with amazing food with no scene, no wait on a Saturday night, low key, inexpensive but creative wine list and good choices by the glass. $50 for two people.

Anywhere east of La Brea.

Am I dreaming?

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  1. Cha Cha Cha isn't quiet at all, but it's not the typical Hollywood scene. And for $50 for 2 people you can do very well. It's tapas and great sangria...

    I think it can also be done at the Bungalow Club. I did some graphic design for them when I first move out here but never sampled the food. Very low key (at least it was...) It's an idea, but I'm sure there are some better places.

    How bout Falcon? That's a little more trendy, but not too crowded and surprisingly affordable.

    Any food you're looking for imparticular?

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      No cuisine in particular, just a really satisfying dining experience....

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        hmmm. French for me, Spanish for him! This is a contender- thanks!!!

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          I believe The Bowery is on Sunset Bl east of Vine. The Pantages is on Hollwood Bl.

      2. The Bowery perhaps? Though the noise factor may vary (it's next to the Pantages Theater)



        1. Speaking of Montrose, how about Divina Cucina?

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              Vermont will definitely cost you more than $25 per person, especially if you are drinking wine, although I would recommend it if your budget were higher.

              Perhaps Lou on Vine would work, if you order carefully.


            2. Il Capriccio on Vermont - BYOB, too.

              1. I'm too late for this Saturday but get thee to Cube and bring a bottle of wine or two because they don't have a liquor license yet. I had so much fun with the wine we brought along with the excellent selection of meats & cheese - that I didn't even get to try the cooked food. The sorpresetta, the mole salami - it was all lip-smackingly tasty - and way, WAY cheap.
                Cube is on the west side of La Brea, just south of Melrose.

                1. So we ended up at Bistro Verdu. Got a res no prob, and a nice table in the window. Parking was a snap. (only thing was- there are TWO "Verdugo" exits on the 2, so pay attention!)

                  I had moules frites for an app and salmon for an entree. He had the mezza plate (humus, garlic spread) and the shortribs.

                  Pretty tasty, although we ended up spending $95 after tip with two glasses of wine. And it was a little noisy, guess cause it was a Saturday night. If we go there again, I want to sit outside. They were way weeded, and bread came out at the same time as the drinks and apps, and our entree plates sat empty on our table for too long. Our waiter was on top of it, though. Maybe they should have more than one busser on such a busy night.

                  Very good wine list- just what I was after.

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                    Sounds like it worked out - glad you liked it.

                    Blowing the budget ... always happens no matter where I end up ...