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santa monica lunch options around 14th and broadway

Starting a new job on Monday, wondering where to eat. I know about Port Royal- is there anything else notable in walking distance?


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  1. BEST lunch option in all of LA! Buon Giorno Caffe on Santa Monica between 14th and 15th. They have a $5 "Express Lunch" that includes all of their amazing pastas, panini's and salads (but it's to go, only). Everything is about $6-$8, if you eat there.

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      Their salads are weak IMO. Just very skimpy on the chicken. Greek salad is ok, but too much onion.

      What is good for pasta and panini on those 5 dollar lunch specials?

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        I like their bolognese and arrabiata. I always ask for extra chicken on my salad, btw.

    2. I don't know if it is necessarily walking distance, but Babalu (10th and Montana) is a great option that is close to you. Their Ahi Tuna sandwich is excellent!

      1. Back on Broadway on 20th and Broadway for great salads, sandwiches, burgers and baked goods.

        Bergamot Station on Cloverfield and Michigan is AMAZING

        BAY CITIES on Lincoln for the best sandwiches ever.

        1. some people like Tacos Por Favor on 14th and Olympic. I don't really though. You might.

          Santa Monica Seafoods has some salads and soups. Colorado and one of those streets...maybe 11th?:????

          1. Tacos Por Favor and Bay Cities are both worth a try. I really enjoy the food at both places.

            1. I could live on Tacos por Favor, but then I'd weigh 300 lbs. I love it there.

              Secret to Bay Cities is to go before noon.

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                Agree with both of these, but the real secret to Bay Cities is faxing in your order.

                I also like Swingers once in a while, but I think I prefer the breakfast items for lunch.

                If you like healthy cuisine, the Santa Monica Cooportunity is at 16th and Broadway. They have Whole Foods-ish sort of things: sandwiches, soups, smoothies, hot entrees. They also have a full on grocery store and good produce.

                As above, Back on Broadway is to the east and good as well.

                18th Street Coffee House is just up the street too, for a fine cup of coffee in a cool vibish sort of place.

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                  For Bay Cities, you can now also order most things online:

                  I work closeby and my usual places:
                  -Tacos Por Favor
                  -Santa Monica Seafood for a clam chowder lunch
                  -Bay Cities
                  -taco trucks on and around 11th street, near Colorado
                  -frozen things brought back to office to microwave from Co-opportunity
                  -walk most of the way downtown SM and eat at Fred Segal's casual cafe (5th and Broadway
                  )-although I have yet to walk all the way there for it, there is a Mrs. Winston's salad bar in the Water Garden complex somewhere...

              2. I like the cheesesteaks at Over/Under on 14th and Santa Monica. The pizza at Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen on Wilshire between Euclid and 14th is tasty, too.

                Don't go to Izzy's Deli on 15th and Wilshire. Just don't. It'll break your heart.

                There's a giant Whole Foods on like 20th and Wilshire. They have lots of options.

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                  I like Izzy's Tuna Melt and burger!

                  horrible pastrami though and I probably wouldn't touch the other fare.....

                2. The tacos at Tacos Por Favor are on the expensive side, about $2, but are large so two more than satisfies me. Their salsa roja really is excellent -- smoky, complex, just hot enough. While Bandini of The Great Taco Hunt fame loves the chorizo and cheese, that is a bit rich for me -- I get the al pastor and the carnitas.

                  If you don't know Bay Cities well enough to order in advance and you can't avoid the noon rush, realize that the long lines are for the individually-ordered and assembled cold deli sandwiches. Their meatball subs are my favorite and their hot items are tasty and reasonably priced, and the hotfood line rarely has a wait.

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                    Yeah, I love their meatloaf...it comes with a loaf of bread so its like a deconstructed meatball sub!

                    If you ever get delivery, DAGWOODS does great salads, esp. the chicken avocado one...