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Avocado recipes???

I often buy my avocados at Trader Joe's in bags of 4 and I need to mix it up! I have a few solid avocado recipes, but since I have a slight obsession with my little green friends, I'm always up for something new. I've got a great guac recipe, so unless you have one thats way out there I'd like to try something else. Thanks!

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  1. I've had something similar to the recipe below in a restaurant (maybe the Sardine Factory but somewhere in Monterey) and it was very good. My husband recreates it at home. This recipe looks very similiar, only he often uses shrimp instead of crab. It's a crab mango avocado layered salad. He makes a light citrusy vinagrette, not that pureed mango over the top, though which looks like it might overwhelm the whole salad.


    1. Instead of a standard guacamole, I prefer to mash up avocado with roasted salsa verde (roasted tomatillo salsa) and fresh lime juice. Since cilantro and I have an ongoing dispute, I don't add any, nor any onion (which I love, but which interferes with the flavor of the avocado). When I am feeling more Tex-Mex, I add some creme fraiche or light sour cream, nevertheless understanding that dairy in guac is something of a heresy.

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          You made my dreams come true! Thank you!!!

        2. Make sushi! Use avocado and sushi grade raw tuna or cooked shrimp if you'd rather.

          1. Don't know if your solid recipes include an avocado soup - if you want one, I'll dig up my post and put a link to it.

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              I would love it if you share your avocado soup recipe. Thanks in advance.

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                Be sure to read through b/c I left out an ingredient (lime/lemon juice) in the original post.

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                I dont have a good avocado soup recipe... Thank you! I have a good avocado cream sauce that I use as a dip with crab cakes, a goat cheese and avocado soufflé recipe (my friend and I were experimenting and voilà!) and various salsa recipes.

              3. Chicken Avocado Pasta

                This seems wacky but it comes out a lot better than you'd expect:


                we make it with regular bacon and a small jar of marinated artichoke hearts, roughly chopped, (mix in the marinating liquid as well) and serve over penne.

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                  I make something a little like this, but with shrimp and pignolia and no bacon. It has lemon juice and lemon peel and basil for flavoring, and heavy cream. It's like alfredo but even better.

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                    When I first saw my husband making it, my thought was "hot avocado, yuck". We liked it so much we served it to friends (who were as skeptical as we were) and they wanted the recipe.

                2. This is far from exact, but I love a nice avocado sauce.

                  Chunk up an avocado or two and put them in a blender.

                  Add some lime juice, cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper. If you have some jalapeno or poblano, dice it and throw it in.

                  If you have a spare tomatillo, good time to add it.

                  Put the blender on high. Add a bit of water so it all gets going.

                  Served cold. Put it on tacos or a salad as a dressing.


                  1. When I lived in Zimbabwe I had an Avo tree in the front yard. More avos than I knew what to do with. And they were the giant thin, smooth skinned ones. When my maid found out I liked avos she would serve me one half for breakfast with honey or sugar and the other half with dinner as a side with a little salt and vinegar drizzled over. The simplest preparations are the best by far.

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                      When my maid realized I liked avocados, I woke up and realized I did not in fact have a maid.

                      I also like a half of an avocado with crab meat in the middle drizzled with a light mustard dressing.

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                        I've actually done that with Tuna salad for a less-expensive version.

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                        My dad has it for dessert, with maple syrup in the cavity... not my favorite (I like it with olive oil and balsamic, salt and pepper) but quite nice.

                      3. We are big avocado eaters

                        Slices added to blt's
                        Mashed and spread on any sandwich wrap
                        As an outer layer on soft cheeses and then rolled in crushed nuts
                        They make smoothies taste great
                        Pureed as a cold soup

                        If you go to the avocado growers website you will see dozens of great recipes.

                        1. One of my favorite seasonal salads is avocado and grapfruit with a light curried viniagrette.

                          1. A bit of a strange one, but the Vietnamese make avocados into a sweet shake. avocado, ice, and sweetened, condensed milk, into the blender, whir until smooth. they're odd, but buttery and pretty good.

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                              Your suggestion reminded me of one of the most delicious margaritas of all time -- the avocado Margarita from Curra's Grill in Austin, Texas. I don't have a recipe, but it's a creamy, chilled, blended drink, similar to the texture of a frozen mango margarita, only with avocado. Unique and delicious!

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                                They are delicious! I have an Avacado shake everytime I go for Pho.

                                1. Incidentally, I've found that you can save avocadoes in the refrigerator for a week or more once they've turned ripe. I discovered this because I sometimes buy the bags of avocadoes from TJ's and then they would all get ripe at the same time and I would end up throwing some out before I used them.

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                                    Great to know. It breaks my heart to throw away avocadoes. Mine, though, often turn brown within a week even when refrigerated. Are you using some special method? (Maybe I'm buying bad avocades....)

                                  2. I like a salad of sliced avocados with roasted beets and butter lettuce, dressed with a sherry-shallot vinaigrette. Toasted walnuts are good with this, too.

                                    1. Something simple, but delish -- chunk up avocado, put in lidded container with poppyseed dressing, shake shake shake, enjoy. If the avocado's nice and ripe, the outside layer mixes with the dressing for a nice, creamy sauce. Probably good with other dressings, too,but I haven't tried.

                                      Here's a great one that my Gram used to make:

                                      Avocado Chicken (Gram)

                                      2-3 lb chicken pieces, bake meat side down, 1 hr at 350
                                      mis sherry to taste, 1 clove garlic mashed, 1 avocado mashed, juice of 1 lemon, salt and pepper to taste, spread over chicken, bake 1⁄2 hour more

                                      My mom and I made avocado fries once with a couple of different dipping sauces. I think the slices had a panko coating. We liked a sort of sweet chilli sauce best. These weren't the greatest, honestly, but were fun to try. Lots of recipes on the web.

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                                        "My mom and I made avocado fries once with a couple of different dipping sauces. I think the slices had a panko coating. We liked a sort of sweet chilli sauce best. These weren't the greatest, honestly, but were fun to try. Lots of recipes on the web."

                                        Avocado fries sound incredible!

                                      2. Try making "guac" with just avocados, pesto sauce, and diced tomatoes. Very good.

                                        1. We slice our avocados in half, take out the pit, fill the hole with a little sugar and then the rest with shoyu(soy sauce)and grab a spoon. Hawaiian style!

                                          1. For Halloween, you can top pumpkin cupcakes with Avocado Frosting! It looks like slime, but tastes like avocado milkshake... :)



                                            1. I had delicious avocado salad at Osteria della Logge in Siena. It was nothing but avocados, shaved scallions, and tomatoes (just the seeds and pulp, no meat or skin) tossed in a little lemon juice and olive oil.

                                              My brother likes to eat them with just a little salt.

                                              1. They are great in BLTs or without the bacon.

                                                1. Vongerichten has a great salad in one of his books:

                                                  Sliced avocados
                                                  Blanched asparagus
                                                  Sliced white mushrooms
                                                  Dressing - 1 part soy sauce, 1 part lemon juice, 2 parts EVOO
                                                  Black pepper and thyme to taste.

                                                  1. Another easy recipe, from the Tassajara cookbook, is for an incredibly good avocado-yogurt dressing:

                                                    one avocado, peeled and pitted
                                                    one cup plain yogurt
                                                    one Tbs lemon juice
                                                    one clove garlic

                                                    Blend everything together.

                                                    1. Avocado ice cream. Very delicious. I basically make a thick shake using avocado, cream/half&half, sugar and a pinch of salt. Sometimes I make a lighter version using plain yogurt in place of the cream. Sometimes I use condensed milk. And when I am feeling ultra decadent I make a custard base for the ice cream.

                                                      1. I'm new here & haven't figured out how to go about contributing in a 'current' fashion, as I don't know who's looking at what when, so I just searched avacado recipes. Anyhow, I wanted to offer this wonderous little delight--it may have origins from the S.F. Trader Vic's restaurant from years ago, I'm not sure.

                                                        Polynesian Avacado

                                                        1 T each for each 1/2 avacado in a small saucepan:

                                                        white vinegar

                                                        Heat till hot & sugar is melted. Place avo half on piece of butter lettuce in bowl & pour into the pit hole till spilling over edge. Eat with spoon. Die and go to heaven!

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                                                          That sounds so different and interesting. Also love the final directions!

                                                        2. My new favorite, with or without the beans, and to which I add a light dusting of cumin:


                                                          It looks so pretty on the table, bright and festive.

                                                          1. Avocado Cream Sauce

                                                            1/2 lime, juice of
                                                            1/4 c light cream
                                                            2 avocados
                                                            1 garlic clove, quartered .
                                                            2 tbsps butter .
                                                            2 tbsps fresh chives, sliced .
                                                            1/2 tbsp fresh tarragon, sliced .
                                                            1 tbsp fresh cilantro, sliced

                                                            In food processor/blender fitted with chopping blade, lime juice, puree avocado with garlic, & herbs.
                                                            Melt butter in a saucepan over low heat/flame.
                                                            Stir in avocado puree & cook over low heat/flame, stirring every once in awhile, just until the puree is heated through.
                                                            Add cream & continue to heat, but do not allow to boil.
                                                            Salt to taste & serve.
                                                            Enjoy the Avocado Cream Sauce~

                                                            I love to serve this sauce over Mexican Chicken breasts baked in the oven. Basically a baked chicken with different chili powders, garlic, and onions.

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                                                              Ooh, this sounds very interesting!

                                                            2. http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2009/...

                                                              To die for avocado cake from Joy The Baker. My pals love, love, love this cake.