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Oct 20, 2006 06:42 PM

Avocado recipes???

I often buy my avocados at Trader Joe's in bags of 4 and I need to mix it up! I have a few solid avocado recipes, but since I have a slight obsession with my little green friends, I'm always up for something new. I've got a great guac recipe, so unless you have one thats way out there I'd like to try something else. Thanks!

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  1. I've had something similar to the recipe below in a restaurant (maybe the Sardine Factory but somewhere in Monterey) and it was very good. My husband recreates it at home. This recipe looks very similiar, only he often uses shrimp instead of crab. It's a crab mango avocado layered salad. He makes a light citrusy vinagrette, not that pureed mango over the top, though which looks like it might overwhelm the whole salad.

    1. Instead of a standard guacamole, I prefer to mash up avocado with roasted salsa verde (roasted tomatillo salsa) and fresh lime juice. Since cilantro and I have an ongoing dispute, I don't add any, nor any onion (which I love, but which interferes with the flavor of the avocado). When I am feeling more Tex-Mex, I add some creme fraiche or light sour cream, nevertheless understanding that dairy in guac is something of a heresy.

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          You made my dreams come true! Thank you!!!

        2. Make sushi! Use avocado and sushi grade raw tuna or cooked shrimp if you'd rather.

          1. Don't know if your solid recipes include an avocado soup - if you want one, I'll dig up my post and put a link to it.

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              I would love it if you share your avocado soup recipe. Thanks in advance.

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                Be sure to read through b/c I left out an ingredient (lime/lemon juice) in the original post.

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                I dont have a good avocado soup recipe... Thank you! I have a good avocado cream sauce that I use as a dip with crab cakes, a goat cheese and avocado soufflé recipe (my friend and I were experimenting and voilà!) and various salsa recipes.