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Oct 20, 2006 06:31 PM

Asia Pearl Banquet Chowdown

Last night 30 Hounds got together for a banquet at Asia Pearl in 3288 Pierce St, Richmond. We had a separate room but still had a view of the main dining room. We were able to truly enjoy the food and company!

Thanks as always to Yimster for his efforts to get us the most interesting special dishes!

Here they are:

Peanuts and cucumber appetizer
Peking Duck Cannapes
Roast Duck with minced vegetables
Beef sauteed with many mushrooms
Seafood soup with fishmaws and sea cucumber
Tofu with concentrated golden chicken soup and crab
Abalone ($300 a pound!)with pea shoots
Salt and pepper crab
Smoked sea-bass
Fried scallop rice
Corncake dessert
tapioca and corn dessert

Did I forget one?

Thanks to everyone for a great evening!


The link to the pictures is:

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  1. Marlon:
    Thank you for organizing and to Yimster for ordering such a tasty meal. DH and I were honored to be among the many guests at this great event. The presentation of the dishes was beautiful and the service was much better than I am accustomed to getting when at a Chinese restaurant.

    DH and I both picked the salt and pepper crab as our favorite dish but wish it would have come out early so we could have eaten more. As Yimster knows, I am crazy about that salt and pepper preparation! I was surprised at how light and delicious the corncake was-- have never seen that dish anywhere before but would love to have it again. I loved the flavors in the beef and mushroom dish. Mary said it was the leeks that added that extra bit of flavor.

    I had the servers pack up the leftover sea bass and roast duck and beef and mushrooms. I hope someone from our table was able to take it home and enjoy it. Wish we could have stayed longer to visit but DH needed to get on the road for home. Thanks to everyone for a fun evening.

      1. re: PeterL

        C'mon folks, there were 30 of you at dinner, surely someone can tell us more about the dishes! Tell us your favorites...

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I liked the rich thick golden chicken soup with tofu, crab the best

          The Sea Bass dish the least because I found it too well done.

          The Salt and Pepper crab was most interesting to me that it seem too mild at first taste but as I had the second pieces I really found that the like hand on the seasoning show off the taste of the crab.

          The new presentation was the friut salas duck skin.

          1. re: yimster

            Thanks, yimster. If I sounded annoyed, at the time I posted that actually I was shocked that there were so few posts. I wasn't there, but I know it's a lot of trouble to deal with a party of 30. How can true chowhounds not have an opinion about the dining gala you and Marlon put together...

        1. That tofu with crab and golden sauce was so good. I especially enjoyed the tobiko roe that garnished the dish. Does anyone have any idea about how that golden sauce was prepared and what would account for the rich flavor that it had?

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          1. re: dimsumgirl

            It might be like a demiglace. In this case a very concentrated chicken stock that has been cooked down to the point where it's thick and creamy.

            1. re: dimsumgirl

              I also loved the tofu with crab and tobiko. The tofu was amazing in both texture and taste. Its blandness also perfectly offset by the crab and roe. I think somebody said it was chicken broth greatly reduced.

              1. ARRRGGGHHHHH!! I was so busy this past week, that this completely slipped my mind. My apologies go out to:

                1) Marlon for fronting my portion of the meal. I set up an online bill payment from my bank account, which should result in a check in your mailbox next week.

                2) Those of you who were worried that something may have happened to me enroute to the dinner. Brainfart is the extent of what befell me.

                3) Anyone who wanted to attend, but couldn't because the list was full. I would've gladly have given up my spot if I had known prior that I was going to miss the festivities.

                Menu sounded scrumptious. I'm still kicking myself that I missed this. BAH!