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Oct 20, 2006 06:30 PM

Exceptional Place for a Picky Eater

I'm looking for a high end memorable experience, not the highest though (under 200/person). The catch is my wife doesn't like seafood, lamb, and most things that are delicious. Chicken and beef and limited vegetables basically. Any suggestions for places that have accomodating prix fixe or outstanding chicken or beef dishes.

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  1. mk and Custom House come to mind; maybe even Blackbird.

    1. My mom is also a picky eater, along the lines of your wife. She LOVED Spiaggia. Another High End Restaurant she loved, although not as much as Spiaggia, was Seasons (at the Four Seasons), but it might have changed chefs since we were last there.

      She hated Spring and Shanghai Terrace. I would also never even consider suggesting any of the places like Trotters, Alinea and Tru where you need to be willing to eat whatever wonderful concoction they put in front of you in order to enjoy the experience.

      1. Keefers would also be a good choice. Plenty of meat and potatoes choices.

        1. If you don't drink that much wine, Charlie Trotter's menu is $145 for the grand menu, $125 for the veggie (not vegetarian) menu. If you don't care about cuisine, you could try Arun's (Thai) which has impeccable service.