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Oct 20, 2006 06:01 PM

Russian River Valley Recommendations

Hi all,

I'm taking a trip up to the Russian River Valley on Tuesday. Looking for recommendations for:

1) Lunch (nothing fancy: maybe sandwiches, salads?)

2) Any wineries you'd recommend visiting. I have an appointment at Siduri. Have been to a number up there that I've liked. But I'll take any suggestions. Pinot and Zin are my favorites.

Thanks all!

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  1. I would recommend doing searches for Russian River, Guerneville & Duncan Mills. You will find many helpful prior posts & suggestions already here for you.

    1. I'll recommend Iron Horse just south of the Russian River. They have some excellent single vineyard Pinots, as well as great champagne. The winery itself is on a hill, and the vibe is casual. Their harvest parts was a lot of fun.

      Graton is south of Iron Horse and has a cutesy upscale diner/polenta place in the middle of the one block that is downtown. Pretty good polenta there....

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      1. re: Pavement2112

        The "cutesy upscale diner/polenta place" is the Willow Wood Market Cafe. Polenta is indeed good.

      2. Wilson, Unti, Nalle, Bella, Gopfrich! All outstanding, family run wineries. You must check out Wilson and Bella for the big, beautiful zin! I like Nalle's zin too but they may already be sold out. Unti does some interesting Italian varietals as well - absolutely top notch. Gopfrich is literally a one man show and he is a sweet guy with some wonderful wine. Hopefully his Cab is ready. Seriously "Napa quality" cab with a few gold medals to prove it (surprisingly inexpensive around 40.00). All but Wilson and Bella will require a res. Though I've walked in to all of them on a Saturday.

        This is where is go in Sonoma and I don't think there's much pinot in that area given the hot climate. I love to hear where other people find their Sonoma pinot though. I'm headed that way at Thanksgiving.

        1. Bovolo in Healdsburg for lunch - great for to-go picnic-style to eat in one of the vineyards. chef/owner is of zazu in Santa Rosa - he makes his own bacon, charcuterie, etc. - take a look at my yelp writeup if you'd like:

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            I second Bovolo! I ate there when I visited just so you know that dine in is an option. Went for lunch and had a delish prosciutto sandwich and then went back for breakfast the next day. Really great home made granola with local yogurt and honey.

            Though a picnic at Preston would be nice and it's near all the places I recommend above. It's a neat place to check out and the guy at the tasting room, Robert (white hair and beard), is the nicest guy. If you do a search for Preston, you'll find more info.

            1. re: fine wino

              That would be LOU Preston...though sometimes he introduced himself as Luigi (to fit into the neighborhood).

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I've never met Lou there. The guy who's at the tasting room every time I've been is definitely named Robert. Maybe they both have white hair and beards?

          2. Thank you for all the suggestions. I really appreciate it.