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Oct 20, 2006 05:17 PM

Komi, Vidalia, or CityZen?

I've read excellent reviews, along with significant dissents, on this board for all three. I'm a Boston 'hound coming to town next week for a conference. Dinner Sunday night is our only unscheduled meal, so I'm looking for a place that will make make the most of my expense account (doesn't have to be expensive, really, just truly memorable food). Eating with a small group of foodie colleagues--atmosphere doesn't matter much, as long as the service is competent and the noise level reasonable.

Which of these three would you pick, if it were your one night for dinner out in the District?

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  1. For one dinner, CityZen is the only "national-caliber" choice on your list. Top three restaurant in town, without a doubt.

    Komi is excellent. Food is stellar. But as a restaurant, it is much, much less formal. Much less money. Much more limited menu and winelist. Much less seasoned service. Much barer setting.

    I am not a fan of Vidalia in terms of cooking or setting, but that may just be me.

    1. I don't think Komi or CityZen are open on Sunday for dinner. Having broken that sad news, I do agree with everything Pappy says. However, you'll get much more out of your expense account by going to Komi, as well as more personalized service, and I'll bet the memories will last longer as well. Another alternative would be to eat at the bar at CityZen where the little-known bargain three courses (exact same food as in the restaurant, but a limited selection) will run only $42. You'll make up for it in the prices on the wine list though. There's almost never anybody else at the bar taking advantage of this deal.

      1. Cityzen and Komi are the right choices but both are closed on Sundays. Don't waste your time on Vidalia, even if it is open on Sunday.

        Many of the best restaurants in DC are closed on Sunday. Citronelle is an exception but it might be difficult to get a reservation on short notice. It's definitely worth a try.