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New Generation Sushi vs. Sushi on Bloor

Let the battle begin!

Sure, they aren't the best in town, but they're quick, cheap, and each have a high turnover. I have sushi at least twice a week, and on a student's budget, I am unfortunately unable to frequent such faves as Omi, Japango, Michi, and Kaji. NewGen and SOB are jammed almost every night of the week, and each has their diehard regulars who refuse to walk down the street to the other's shorter lineup. So? Who's it going to be?


- since the spring, they are getting better fish through a new connection (tuna has been great)
- good rice to fish ratio on the MAKI (my biggest criticism of NewGen)
- rice is never too warm (bad experience at NewGen, like it room temp or cooler)
- larger menu
- cheaper
- very friendly staff

Downside - They aren't open late enough!!!

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  1. I've tried both, and prefer SoB myself. The atmosphere in the upstairs dining room is great, and the sushi has many good quality, many of which are aforementioned.

    1. After waiting an hour and a half for raw fish at SOB I have been completely turned off the place. Also had the server tell me that I was a liar when I told him I had been waiting that long.

      Always love going to New Gen. Fast friendly service. Don't mind waiting in line, cause it moves fast. I like their menu better.

      1. New Gen. all the way.

        1) SOB doesn't put any, repeat: any, wasabi on the sushi -- not even in the maki. At least the maki needs to made with some! Tekka-maki just is wrong without any wasabi.

        2) The miso soup is awful at SOB. Why they use nori instead of wakame is beside me.

        3) The service is much slower at SOB. I admit that the converse (being rushed at New Gen.) can occur.

        4) They have better fish. Or at least they did. I haven't been since SOB's supposed better fish supplies came into effect.

        5) Health violations.

        1. I think this is the worst health inspection record I've seen short of places that got a red. Argggh

          1. SOB is disgusting. I went there once and the octopus was like rotten and the fish was smelly.

            1. wow, that health inspection record is rediculously bad. they're definitely going on the never visit list.

              1. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

                WANTED: New sushi haunt. Decent quality. Good prices.

                1. New Gen. all the way - very fast service

                  1. Another vote for New Gen. I've been there more than any other sushi joint in the last year (GF loves the place) and 90% of the time I've had a great time. SOB is just aweful with the food inspection failures. I heard about it recently but didn't know how bad it was.

                      1. New Gen!

                        I was so scared they'd never get back up and running after their big fire last year.

                        Great service, and I used to go 4 times/week when I used to work very late shifts. Where else can I get good sushi at 1 am in the morning??? They always recognize regulars, and their food just tastes better than SOB.

                        One thing SOB has going for them is slightly bigger portions and slightly lower prices.

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                        1. re: qtxniki

                          LOL! Us too! I think we were there the first day they re-opened.

                          One thing I get as a regular is they always give me fresh hot crab and tempura shrimp in the Spider and Dragon. They know I am disappointed when it is cold, so they take that extra step. Love the cool salmon and hot tempura combination.

                        2. I agree that NewGen is way better. Besides the food, service is way friendlier. I do also enjoy Sushi Inn in yorkville as a cheap and fast place.

                          1. I have been a fan of Sushi on Bloor for several years...I usually order "take out" to avoid the lines, and bad service.

                            After reading the above posts, I am certainly going to check out New Gen.

                            1. After reading the post, I skipped SOB for lunch and went to New Gen to try it out.
                              Well... i just had one of their many choices of lunch special. The food was "okay", and the service was fairly unimpressive. My friend's lunch was the same. Hum.. I am debating if I will go back to SOB because of their record. I will concede that SOB's sushi rolls are MUCH better!

                              1. I went to Sushi on Bloor last weekend. Sadly I missed this thread before going. It was horrible. There were bugs crawling across the floor and I left half my food on the plate. Not to mention the service. I'll have to give New Gen a try. Thanks guys.

                                1. I've always been a SOB fan but next time, I'll try New Gen.

                                  I love SOB for the free ice cream at the end of the meal. Yes, it's always super busy but we try to go between peak times and I would NEVER think of bringing a group of people there...we are usually 2-3 people tops.

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                                  1. re: LovesToEat

                                    Our large group did not get free ice cream at the conclusion of our meal (back in October).

                                    1. re: Food Tourist

                                      Free ice cream is at dinner time only. I've crawled back with my tail between my legs, and am enjoying my meals again for what they are. For some reason, I find the food to be better if you're sitting downstairs.

                                      1. re: dlw88

                                        We were seated at 7:45 pm in the upstairs dining room.

                                  2. It's so weird, I always have been and still am a BIG FAN of Sushi On Bloor. I've eaten there dozens and dozens of times and have never once seen anything come even close to a health and safety issue (and believe me I've been looking). I've never had food that was served questionably or with a dubious odour - the food has always been outstanding and fresh. Nor have I seen anything else that would make me take my money elsewhere. I've seen their really awful inspection records on the City of Toronto's web site and I gotta admit that is bad. Like really bad. I'm not sure what to make of that as I've never had anything come close to this experience in all my times there.

                                    Until I experience something unacceptable firsthand my stance remains: their food is awesome. The Negima Yaki changed my life for the better. Haha. Seriously, SOB food still good. The horrendously long lines and really bad service though....yeah not so much.

                                    1. Sushi on bloor sucks in terms of their service! My friends and I just went there today and had an aweful experience with one of the servers. She was extremely rude, it was painfully obvious that she didn't like her job.. so why is she there? I want to tell her to go make money some place else where she doesn't have to interact with people!
                                      I really hope she gets fired!

                                      1. So.. I'm trying to make a sushi reservation for tonight, I like BOTH NG and SOB but neither have resos available in my timeframe. Has anyone tried any of the other million sushi places on bloor b/w Bathurst and Spadina? (i.e. Big Sushi?). Would I be embarassed to take friends anywhere other than NG or SOB?

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                                        1. re: plans2nite

                                          Just got back from a pretty subpar experience at Big Sushi. After being served a lukewarm miso soup and a salad consisting of 4 small pieces of iceberg, we were served their version of Hiyayakko (cold tofu) - which they made with firm tofu with a grainy texture, rather than silken tofu. That just didn't work. The rest of the meal was lacklustre.

                                          If you want cheap, Sushi On Bloor or New Gen are the way to go. Tokyo Sushi isn't a bad choice either.

                                        2. I have to admit I have never been to either of them. But Sushi on Bloor seems to have won this year's Eye Magazine People's Choice Award for both best sushi restaurant and best takeout sushi.

                                          From the comments above I take it "the people" are uncommonly deluded.

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                                          1. re: bluedog

                                            These are the same people that have declared Pizza Pizza the best pizza in the city.

                                            1. re: jonnybee

                                              Big Sushi has to be the worst sushi in Toronto. If that doesn't deter you, than the service should...

                                              1. re: tochipotle

                                                I LOVE Big Sushi, and for me it is the best (reasonably priced) sushi in Toronto. The people there are always nice, they remember you and the chefs always cheerily wave to customers. There is a nice big sitting area in the back, and its ambience is a lot nicer than New Generation.

                                                1. re: kitty901

                                                  I also agree that Big Sushi has great food and the servers are very friendly. However, as friendly as they are, their service is awful! I love the place too much to have it tarnish my decision to go there, but I do find myself warning friends who are going there for the first time that while the food and prices are stellar, the service is a bit pathetic.

                                                  Ah, I feel such a stab saying this, I really do love my Big Sushi, I just wish I didn't have to wait 35 minutes to get the attention of a server to ASK for a tea refill.

                                                2. re: tochipotle

                                                  I'm not sure why you would say that - I personally find the quality of ingredients and preparation (slightly) better than both New Gen & Sushi on Bloor. And their Teriyaki is hands down better quality meat. I will agree that the service isn't great however, but it is still pleasant enough. Regardless, it's biggest difference from New Gen & SOB is the ambiance and space. As for food, all three are in a similar ball-park.

                                            2. new gen has TERRIBLE veg sushi.. very boring and bland.