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Oct 20, 2006 05:17 PM

New Generation Sushi vs. Sushi on Bloor

Let the battle begin!

Sure, they aren't the best in town, but they're quick, cheap, and each have a high turnover. I have sushi at least twice a week, and on a student's budget, I am unfortunately unable to frequent such faves as Omi, Japango, Michi, and Kaji. NewGen and SOB are jammed almost every night of the week, and each has their diehard regulars who refuse to walk down the street to the other's shorter lineup. So? Who's it going to be?


- since the spring, they are getting better fish through a new connection (tuna has been great)
- good rice to fish ratio on the MAKI (my biggest criticism of NewGen)
- rice is never too warm (bad experience at NewGen, like it room temp or cooler)
- larger menu
- cheaper
- very friendly staff

Downside - They aren't open late enough!!!

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  1. I've tried both, and prefer SoB myself. The atmosphere in the upstairs dining room is great, and the sushi has many good quality, many of which are aforementioned.

    1. After waiting an hour and a half for raw fish at SOB I have been completely turned off the place. Also had the server tell me that I was a liar when I told him I had been waiting that long.

      Always love going to New Gen. Fast friendly service. Don't mind waiting in line, cause it moves fast. I like their menu better.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. New Gen. all the way.

          1) SOB doesn't put any, repeat: any, wasabi on the sushi -- not even in the maki. At least the maki needs to made with some! Tekka-maki just is wrong without any wasabi.

          2) The miso soup is awful at SOB. Why they use nori instead of wakame is beside me.

          3) The service is much slower at SOB. I admit that the converse (being rushed at New Gen.) can occur.

          4) They have better fish. Or at least they did. I haven't been since SOB's supposed better fish supplies came into effect.

          5) Health violations.

          1. I think this is the worst health inspection record I've seen short of places that got a red. Argggh