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Oct 20, 2006 05:07 PM

Sunday Birthday Dinner

Hello I am looking for somewhere nice to to take my husband to celebrate his 37th birthday. Don't want to go to a steakhouse. Open to any location in the city and any cuisine.

Thanks Everyone

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  1. Since you don't mention any budgetary constraints...

    Eleven Madison Park is a wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion. Chef Daniel Humm's cuisine is fabulous, there's an excellent wine list, service is first rate, and the space is beautiful.

    1. So, the wine list is "excellent".
      Can you elaborate or, perhaps, provide some recommendations - e.g. any particular producers with a good vintage?

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      1. re: Elvis Goldberg

        RGR gave you a link to the wine list in his post. I am not sure what "producers with a good vintage" means.

        Perhaps more helpfully, EMP charges only $30 corkage (last time I was there anyway).

      2. Gotham Bar and Grill is also very reliable on Sundays.