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Oct 20, 2006 05:04 PM

Irvine? Going to the Verizon Amp - need recs.

I'm heading to a show at the Verizon Amp on Saturday (Maiden) and am looking for a few good Irvine recs - near the arena.

Nothin' high end - no chains - a great diner, taco stand or a burger joint will do.


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  1. I know you said no chains, but although Fatburger *is* technically a chain, it doesn't taste like one. Love their onion rings, skinny fries, and a Fatburger with EGG!

    There's one off of Jeffrey, near the 5.


    1. The burgers at Knowlwood in Irvine are quite nice. Local mom & pop restaurant chain (5 locations). The one in Irvine is located on an interesting historic site (Sand Canyon next to the 5). Good food at a great value.

      I'll try to put up my Knowlwood review on my blog if I have time tonight so you can see some pictures of the food and whatnot. Haven't had a chance to write it yet. No garuntees, though.

      - Chubbypanda

      1. Where is our starting point?

        Just north of Irvine Center Drive, traveling south on the 405, is Sand Canyon.
        If you head off here, then turn right, you'll find a Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill in the shopping center to the left.
        Although a chain, it's a new, small chain of "fresh Mex".

        There are also many other small "take-outs" in the center.

        1. I'm coming from Hollywood, BTW.

          1. Then you're possibly familiar with Sharky's.

            The center I mentioned has a variety of little eateries, from Mexican, to Hawiian, to Indian.
            There are also outside tables allowing folks to choose their cuisine and still dine together.