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Oct 20, 2006 04:35 PM

[DFW] In Search of Good Pan-Fried Dumplings

Are there any places in the area to get good pan-fried dumplings (potstickers)? I've had the ones at Jeng Chi, but I think their steamed are better than pan-fried.

I like the beef pan-fried dumplings at Lai Lai Dumpling House in Houston, savory tender filling with a slightly chewy wrapper. Anything like that in DFW?

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  1. Using Lai Lai is a benchmark might be setting the bar too high ;)

    Their dumplings are much, much better than Jeng Chi's, or for that matter, pretty much any place I've been to in TX. I think a comparable place would probably be in Houston.

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      1. Jeng Chi is just great for the budget and to fill the craving, especially since I have no clue where else around Richardson/Plano/Garland to get dumplings. There might be a place in that area near the Hong Kong Market in Garland, but that's likely to be predominantly Vietnamese.

        Also interesting to mention that Lai Lai isn't *that* much more expensive compared to Jeng Chi, but the food is in a totally different dimension.

      2. Well Taiwan Cafe behind Maxim has terrific boiled beef dumplings--best I've ever had, and I live in Los Angeles. You might check to see whether they also have pan fried dumplings, too.

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          The chef at taiwan cafe used to work at Jeng Chi. If you notice the menus are almost identical.

        2. I haven't thought of Lai Lai in years. But oh my yes, they ARE amazing dumplings.

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