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Jan 7, 2005 09:15 PM

Urgent- need Pickled Cabbage Leaves for sarma this weekend

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Am deperately looking for pickled whole cabbage leaves for making my mothers stuffed cabbage leaves for Serbian Christmas. Any suggestions???

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  1. I'm Polish--close--and when we made golumbki,(stuffed cabbage leaves), we never used pickled leaves. What we do is to steam the leaves or parboil them to make them flexible. Just drop the whole leaves into boiling water and cook just until soft.

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      my mother in law would make the golubtsi ( russian stuffed cabage ) with steamed leaves. She says the key is to use Savoy cabbage.

    2. Since its urgent, I'm chiming in. Somebody who makes these things will know better but this will work fine too.

      Well, I would guess they would pickle pretty well overnight being so thin unless you want them to ferment. Just put 1 part vinegar to 1 part water and salt to taste and let them stew for 24 hours submerged in a vessel held under by a ziplock bag of water or more brining liquid.

      Put it in the fridge if you are Felix, on the counter if you are Oscar.

      Oh yeah, and this should probably get posted on the home cooking board.

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        You just dodged the Chowhound Fuzz by your disclaimer. They can be tough. I'll push the envelope by noting that Elizabeth Luard's "The Old World Kitchen" notes that sour cabbge for sarma can be made by placing it in brine in a closed plastic container for one or two weeks. The brine's consistency "should be midway between seawater and a soup" and should be stored in a cool place.

      2. Or do you mean grape leaves? If so, then those would be pickled.

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          Nope. Pickled Cabbage Leaves, like for sourkraut but whole leaves. Essential for this dish.

        2. i am serbian and have been looking also. I came across your
          urgent notice. did you get an answer? Ranka Paunovic
          email my friend if you find it and will share information. thanking you in advance