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Oct 20, 2006 04:17 PM

Ventura High School

My other hobby (besides eating out at nice places) is working as a football referee at high school and junior college games.

So I have a 7:00 pm game with Ventura JC who plays at the high school at 2155 E. Main St.

Any chowhound places we can eat at after the game around 9:00-10:00pm? Good basic food with big portions (for example-The Hat is a place we go to after some other games).


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  1. My favorite place in Ventura is Wok n South Mongolian BBQ @ 2835 E. Main Street. All you can eat, healthy food, great sauces, unlimited fills on drinks and super great owners. I'm not quite sure what time they close so you may want to call ahead. They're literally right around the corner from the high school.

    Wok n South Mongolian BBQ - 2835 E. Main St. 805-653-2658

    Have fun!!

    1. Thanks

      Sounds like just what I'm looking for (but I called and they close around 9:00 pm) :'(

      Hope its a good game.

      1. For has to be Casa de Soria on Thompson. Good, old-school mexican food on the cheap & the refrieds are epic!

        1. Old Vienna on Telegraph. However, be aware that Oktoberfest week-ends require reservations.