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Oct 20, 2006 04:11 PM

Pareve Cholent

I'm a big fan of pareve cholent. The problem is, it's expensive. Usually $4.99 a pound. But I can't figure out what they put in there to give it flavor. Aside from beans, potatoes, and oil, what else can I put in to give it flavor?

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  1. IMO the flavor comes of the cholent from the aromatics, spices and seasoning you place in the cholent - so lots of onions and garlic -

    some things you can do to make the cholent insteresting Find a nice pareve kishke, cook eggs with the cholent - I believe this is a sephardic tradition

    1. You might want to try using pareve sausage like the Tofurkey brand or Yves brand. If you want try something healthier, try tempeh (available in health food stores).

      1. My grandmother's recipe (going back to the '40s!) calls for a bunch of ginger. I bet you could try a version with cloves and cinnamon for a change, too.

        1. Just curious: Where do you get this 4.99 a pound, pareve cholent?

          1. I actually make parve cholent every shabbos. I use parve chicken soup mix.

            Schwartz's(On ave. L in Brooklyn) makes parve cholent on Thursdays.