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Oct 20, 2006 04:04 PM

Dinner Before Groundlings -- Melrose Area

Topic explains it all but looking for fairly moderate/cheap-eats. Recently done Angeli. We can always eat nearby and drive to Groundlings, but first option would be to eat on Melrose... what's there now?

Also, isn't there a sorta bar food place that recently opened... on 3rd?

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  1. off the top of my head:

    Azami Cafe (sushi)
    M Cafe de Chaya (gourmet macrobiotic)
    (the) Cube (on LaBrea just S of Melrose, wine bar, maybe what you were thinking of)
    Star of India (no frills, but pretty decent, basic Indian)

    This is a very cheesy stretch of Melrose. Seemingly a lot of restaurants, but not very many that are passable.

    Also, Red Pearl Kitchen is relatively nearby, as will be Pizzeria Mozza, but it's not open yet.

    Good luck finding parking over here, as !@#$%&** Pinkberry is messing up this neighborhood now also and more and more permit-only parking has popped up, esp. N of Melrose.

    1. Yes, I think you might be referring to Tasca:

      And for an CH evaluation:

      1. Perhaps you are thinking of the pub 3rd Stop on Third across from Cedar's? Here's a link to short review from the LA Times

        1. Yes, that was what I was thinking -- not near Melrose area though. Is there any decent pizza joint nearby or other casual food? The group where going with is on a budget --

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            Hot Wings cafe is on Melrose just east of La Brea. That's a favorite casual dinner place for us.

            1. re: ITurnedOutTV

              I havent gone to Groundlings in awhile, any update on good eats around there? Ive got a party of 10 ppl.

              Any place where we eat then walk to theatre?
              Hows the parking situtation now?

              All help appreciated, thanks!!

              1. re: finznmocean

                the snake pit has food and it's a bar and it's a few blocks down. i've never eaten there so i can't speak for the food. the foundry is more expenisve but it's right on melrose too.