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Oct 20, 2006 03:50 PM

Any suggestion for an affordable Steakhouse in NYC?

Any suggestions?

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  1. Depends what your take on affordable is. I say Del Frisco's is a great steakhouse, and bit more affordable than Spark's or Strip House.

    1. What is affordable? Pretty much all the top steakhouses charge comparable prices. Upper $30's-$40's for the steak, $8-14 for sides, etc. You can go one step lower to an Angelo and Maxies which will be a few dollars cheaper but not worth the savings. other ideas would be to go to a french bistro for steak frites or maybe try some of the argentinian steakhouses around.

      1. not a traditional steakhouse, but Azul on the LES is really good and reasonably priced.

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          Seconded. I went with a party of four. We all had steak, shared a bottle of malbec, and got out for less then $150. Beat that!

          1. re: jamie2742

            thirded. their skirt steak is fantastic, and if you go on sunday night there's a $20 special that includes salad and a glass of wine.

        2. Roth's on the UWS isn't bad (this is second hand, I haven't been there yet), and isn't ridiculously expensive.

          1. Again, not a traditional steak house, but The Knickerbocker on University and 9th, serves a fabulous porterhouse steak with delicious sides (including creamed spinach). The steak for one is enough for two. We're always happy with the food there.

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              That's funny, I just recommended the Knickerbocker in another thread. I grew up in the area and have been going there with my parents since I was a little girl! We were just there on Saturday, (I'm 28 now) and we still love it! Had the bar menu, so we could watch the game.

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                The Knickerbocker would be my suggestion, too.

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                  It's very good, but it's not a Porterhouse. Knickerbocker serves a T-bone, which is similar but has a much smaller tenderloin section.