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Any suggestion for an affordable Steakhouse in NYC?

Any suggestions?

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  1. Depends what your take on affordable is. I say Del Frisco's is a great steakhouse, and bit more affordable than Spark's or Strip House.

    1. What is affordable? Pretty much all the top steakhouses charge comparable prices. Upper $30's-$40's for the steak, $8-14 for sides, etc. You can go one step lower to an Angelo and Maxies which will be a few dollars cheaper but not worth the savings. other ideas would be to go to a french bistro for steak frites or maybe try some of the argentinian steakhouses around.

      1. not a traditional steakhouse, but Azul on the LES is really good and reasonably priced.

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          Seconded. I went with a party of four. We all had steak, shared a bottle of malbec, and got out for less then $150. Beat that!

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            thirded. their skirt steak is fantastic, and if you go on sunday night there's a $20 special that includes salad and a glass of wine.

        2. Roth's on the UWS isn't bad (this is second hand, I haven't been there yet), and isn't ridiculously expensive.

          1. Again, not a traditional steak house, but The Knickerbocker on University and 9th, serves a fabulous porterhouse steak with delicious sides (including creamed spinach). The steak for one is enough for two. We're always happy with the food there.

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              That's funny, I just recommended the Knickerbocker in another thread. I grew up in the area and have been going there with my parents since I was a little girl! We were just there on Saturday, (I'm 28 now) and we still love it! Had the bar menu, so we could watch the game.

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                The Knickerbocker would be my suggestion, too.

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                  It's very good, but it's not a Porterhouse. Knickerbocker serves a T-bone, which is similar but has a much smaller tenderloin section.

                2. The Argentinian steakhouses in Jackson Heights are pretty reasonable. La Portena is the most famous. Here is an old thread listing some others.

                  In Manhattan, Palm has a $24 lunch in summer; they might continue it year-round. I think Gallagher's does.

                  1. Though not just a steakhouse, I really like Landmarc.

                      1. Balthazar has unbeleivable steak frites - not terribly pricey as it may seem due to the popularity of the restaurant. You can probably get away with steak and frites and a nice glass of wine for under $30.00. The atmosphere is worth the price.

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                          Pastis and Schiller's the other McNally outposts, also offer steak frites. Raoul's has a steak for about $20 at the bar. Haven't been yet, but Goblin Market has steak frites for $15 at lunch (before 4 PM)

                        2. My son was just at Balthazar and said the steak frites (without wine) was around $40.

                          1. Since non traditional steak houses seem to prevail above...

                            The restaurant is much derided on these pages (and often for good reason) but the hanger steak at Les Halles is excellent and a bargain ($17.50 on John St. & $19.50 on Park, both w/fries). Les Halles employs a master butcher who cuts and scores the meat perfectly. I would stay away from their regular Steak Frites, as it is often tough.

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                              We also like Les Halles. My husband always gets the steak au poivre (a thick fillet, I believe) and says their au poivre sauce is wonderful -- brown and thick with cognac.

                            2. Balthazar is not a steak house, but the steak frites is really good and reasonable, and the atmosphere is tres fun.

                              1. The steak au poivre at La Luncheonette is delicious and a steal.

                                1. If you want a NYC steakhouse, and not a chain (like Ruth's Chris) then you should go to Sparks. Great sirloin. Great NYC atmosphere. It's worth the cost.

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                                    I've had very good meals at Sparks and they are especially nice if you can put them on an expense account. What Sparks is *not* is affordable, which is what the original poster was requesting.

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                                      My experience has been that they are especially nice at Sparks if you are on an expense account and if you are a man! I have always been treated poorly there when I am hosting the dinner -- by the host and the waiters. I only get a decent table or decent service if there is a man present whom they presume to be hosting the table! It's Old World sexism.

                                  2. Rio Mar on little West 12th st.
                                    is not a steakhouse, but has good steak

                                    (Haven't been in years....it was good when we went)

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                                      Is Rio Mar still there? I thought it was long gone, displaced by trendy expensive places.

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                                        it's been closed for at least a year, i believe.

                                    2. Rio Mar is long gone, sadly. And if you try to look up La Lunchonette, make sure you don't include an 'e' after the 'h', or you'll drive yourself nuts, ahem.

                                      Not steak houses, but big seconds to Balthazar and Pastis. Also to the Odeon if you're in Tribeca. And if you're on the UWS, the Steak Frites at Cafe Luxembourg is a reliable stand-by.

                                      - Sean

                                      1. In order to get a more affordable steak at a steakhouse, you need to go at least a step down from the first tier places. The steaks at Angelo & Maxie's are pretty good. My big beef with the place (pun intended) is the insanely high noise level.


                                        1. It's not EXACTLY in NYC (okay, it's not in NYC at all, or even in NY, but since it's reachable from the New York City subway system I consider it part of the greater NYC area), but Mi Bandera in Union City, New Jersey, is an amazing Latin-American steakhouse with a 15-foot wood-charcoal grill, steaks that fall off the edges of the plate, and prices that befit a restaurant that's in, well, Union City, New Jersey. When I was working in the area I'd go in at lunch where, for about $8.50, I'd get an incredible (and relatively immense) skirt steak on a sizzling iron platter with onions and chimichurri. Meanwhile, the movers and shakers of Union City's large Cuban community were power-lunching around me, consuming steaks the size of small children. I don't know how they did it, because the skirt steak alone was enough to have me rolling back to work. Not that size is important - the meat was always expertly cooked and completely delicious.

                                          PATH train one stop out of Manhattan to Hoboken and a $4 cab ride from the station will get you there.

                                          1. How about Steak and Ale?

                                            HA HA HA...just kidding. I could'nt resist!

                                            My favorite steakhouse in Manhattan is Delfrisco's. ALthough it is expensive so this may not help you. My father did tell him he had a good steak at Les Halles. (I am not too much of a steak lover. I order steak rarely.)

                                            Good luck with your quest!

                                            1. Ottomanelli ny grill on 93rd and lex. No gimmicks, they also own a meat shop in manhattan which might explain for its low prices. Its so inexpensive and so fresh I wont even mention how much its gonna cost ya. You can substitute veggies for crispy waffle fries. They serve delicious homemade pastas if your not craving steaks. Burgers are awesome too at McDonalds prices(almost).

                                              1. I have eaten in almost every one of the " NY traditional" steakhouses and by far the most consistent and tasty has been Keens on 36th between 6th and 5th. Its got an incredible atmosphere filled with history. www.keens.com. Try it you will be pleased

                                                1. I sencond the recs for Pastis and Les Halles

                                                  1. Pampa, on Amsterdam in the 90s, is a good, reasonably priced, Argentinian steak house. They have a serious grill guy there.

                                                    1. Pampas is solid and reasonable. The wine is cheap too. I like Les Halle's Steak Frites on Park and Love Raouls on Prince srteets Bar Steak.

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                                                        Pampa is cash only though. I hate that.


                                                      2. I'd heard that Strip House was a more reasonable and good option for steaks, but I've never been. The cafe at Fairway doesn't really qualify as a restaurant, much less a steakhouse, but they were offering house-aged beef with some traditional accompaniments at a reasonable price at one time. Again, I've never tried it--though I've always meant to. I'd be interested in any informed opinions on these options.


                                                        1. Blue Smoke/ Please don't go there for thefood, just the music.

                                                          1. you can beat tads steak on 761 7TH Ave. cafeteria style