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Oct 20, 2006 03:50 PM

Wang's Review, Somerville

Went to Wang's Chinese last night as per the recs on this board. We had a wonderful time - it's a nice enough space, cozy on a rainy night, and we really enjoyed the serve-yourself tea. We ordered: the vegetarian leek dumplings; the pork and green bean dumplings; the scallion pancake; the sweet and sour turnips; the Peking meat sauce noodles; the smoked bean curd and shredded pork; moo shi chicken; beef with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots; and the pea pod shoots. 6 people, total came to $63, we were stuffed. Excellent food and value. We really enjoyed the dumpling dough, though we felt the leek filling was a bit watery and left something to be desired - the pork and string bean dumplings were much more flavorful. The smoked bean curd and shredded pork was a real winner in the group - none of us had ever had a dish like it, and the salty smokiness was a treat. The cold sweet and sour turnips, too, were a favorite - we were fighting over these - best $3 we spent! Everything was tasty, though the standouts were definitely the turnips and the smoked bean curd/pork. Wasn't a huge fan of the peking meat sauce noodle - next time we'll try the 8-spice and the shredded beef with green pepper. Very friendly service, good dumplings (could have been hotter), great evening. Highly recommended for delicious, cheap Chinese in a pleasant setting in Somerville. I'd be happy to hear some other recs on dishes there. The only downside to the evening was that we didn't finish until after 10, and Louie's (delicious ice cream further down Broadway) was closed.

Thanks for the restaurant tip, hounds!

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  1. I'm glad you liked it. I love Wang's. Now that Mulan is doing stellar dumplings it's a toss-up on where to go, but I need to try the smoked bean curd with pork. It sounds right up my alley. Thanks for posting.

    1. Indeed Wang's is one of my favourite restaurants anywhere. Their dumplings and especially scallion pancakes are second to none --- at their very best, that includes those that I've had during extensive travel in China. You picked a lot of very good dishes for your visit; next time you might want to also consider some of these:

      Szechuan Style Bone-in Chicken
      Spareribs with Spiced Salt & Pepper
      Vegetarian Leek Pie
      Roast Beef Soup Noodle
      Preserved Egg with Tofu
      Sesame Cold Noodles

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        I am interested to read your rave reviews of the scallion pancakes. I LOVE Wang's, and go there a couple of times a month. Last time I went, my boyfriend wanted to try the scallion pancakes. They were literally dough, with maybe 3-4 pieces of scallion in the WHOLE thing. Are they always like this? Was there something wrong with the "batter" that night? (I love scallion pancakes but have never seen something liek this.) Please let me know if I should usually expect otherwise, since I love scallion pancakes but wasn't planning to order them at Wang's ever again.

        1. re: cheesecake

          re: scallion pancake. You're not crazy -- Wang's is a different style than the usual. It's more doughy, not multi-layered and flakey like my favorite style. I ordered it once but not again. Too many other outstanding things on the menu.

        2. re: lipoff

          Must try the s&p spareribs. The "Northern style" is braised ribs with a sauce that is basically a raw garlic puree. Woo! I'm a big fan of the chestnuts with [very] fatty pork and the Northern style cold cabbage (a really gingery kimchi). Also the simple red-cooked meats--cold braised beef shin ("roast beef") and (fatty) pork shoulder ("pork thigh") are nothing fancy but can hit the spot. Love the 8-spices noodle soup as well.

        3. i love that smoked bean curd and pork dish too. the version at qingdao garden is also aces.

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          1. re: passing thru

            never had the dish at qingdao, but this is one of my absolute favorites at Wang's. I love Wang's peking meat sauce noodle, too, and it is a dud at qingdao.

            1. re: MB fka MB

              i like the peking meat sauce noodle at wang's as well, but i've never eaten that dish at qingdao garden. i do have to admit that it has been a while since i have gone to qingdao to try the smoked bean curd and pork, but that was the first place i ever tried the dish and i've always liked it there whenever i've gotten it...

          2. As far as I know Louie's is closed for the season. At that hour you might catch one of the Brazilian restaurants for take out dessert -- pudim (flan), pave (custard), or passion fruit mousse, but most close at 10pm. (Churrasco Grill and Oasis near Wang's, Gauchao near Louie's) The Italian Cafe on Main street has a decent selection of gelato, but not certain the name or hours (it recently changed ownership).

            1. Thanks for your replies - I was hoping Louie's stayed open year-round, but I guess that was too much to hope for. We'll have to try the Brazilian restaurants next time! I'm looking forward to trying the other suggested dishes next time I'm at Wang's. And as for the scallion pancakes - yes, they were very doughy, not too scalliony, but expertly fried and not greasy. Not particularly flavorful, but comforting. A nice counterpoint to the rich flavors of the smoked bean curd and pork. I must not "get" the peking meat sauce noodle! Maybe I will try it again, since everyone else seems to really enjoy it.