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Junior’s Cheesecake – Packaging

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I will be visiting from Canada and would like to bring back a cheesecake, however the drive back is about 10 hours. Are their “stay-fresh containers” available directly from the shop in Brooklyn?


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  1. Did you know you could order Junior's Cheesecake online?

    1. Many of the cheesecakes freeze very well. Freeze them and put them in a cooler.. You should be fine.

      1. As a follow-up to the OP's comment,JUNIOR'S cheesecake is available online, and from one of the Shopping Channels, HSN or QVC.

        I don't know if they ship to Canada, but if they do, ordering on online seems like a better option. They are deep frozen solid, and beautifully well packaged to travel.

        1. Hi - no one seems to have answered your question as to whether they will package them 'to go' (a long distance, that is) at the store itself. (I looked on their site and didn't find the answer either.) I think posters were trying to let you know that there is no need to go to Brooklyn and schlepp one back to Canada on a 10 hr drive when you can easily ship the same product to arrive at your home via junior's own website.

          1. I have taken one to go in a cooler and it travelled fine, but I was only flying to my folks' in Detroit, which is not as far. I too would like to know if the packaging that they use for fedexing a cheesecake to you is available when you walk in and carry out because I suspect cheesecake at usual cheesecake temperature is considered a "gel" by the TSA. Frozen cheesecake, however, is plane friendly. It's also a lot cheaper to carry yourself than to fedex. Or has anyone tried to carry cheesecake through security lately?

            1. JUNIORS has two separate operations. The restaurant in Brooklyn which has a large bakery, and their online business.

              The bakery sells a few different kinds of cheesecakes in different sizes, as well as the cheese pie which is delicious. They also have a full line of wonderful bread,rolls,pies and cakes. They are packed in a regular cardboard bakery box and tied with string.

              Online, there are many more flavors offered,including sugar free. They are deep frozen colder than you could ever get in a home freezer, and are specially packaged to travel. The cheesecakes are shipped fozen, and thaw out by the time they are delivered. You can put it in to your home freezer when it arrives.

              Unless you live close by, I would suggest online ordering. They are extremely popular, and are also sold on QVC which lists more than 30 different types. http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/ap...

              1. We have successfully transported Cascon cheesecakes (from Whitestone) to North Carolina many times. It's a 10-12 hour drive so the conditions are similar. Freeze them first and put them in a cooler.
                Lately we've resorted to mail ordering them. Even with the overnight shipping they still come out much cheaper than that nasty chain whose name I won't mention and the taste is pure dairy heaven.

                1. No idea whether you've completed your trip already or not. But in case you haven't, and for the other cheesecake seekers out there, the best cheesecake I've had in NYC is at the Metro Diner (2641 Broadway) on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. When I lived in Manhattan I used to travel all the way to Brooklyn to get Junior's until I discovered the cheesecake at the Metro Diner. Sweet, creamy, and none of that bitter undertaste that you find in so many other cheesecakes. If you like cheesecake and you'll be in the neighborhood, it's worth a stop.(You'll have to take what I say with a grain of salt though cos I also like mass-produced Sara Lee's French Classic cheesecake that you can get at the local grocer!)

                  1. i like junior's when i want an artery clogging piece of thick cheesecake (with the extremely sweet strawberry filling jelly globs on top).

                    otherwise, personally, i love eileen's cheesecake in soho. they also accept on-line orders & fed ex in a freeze iced package of some sort.