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Oct 20, 2006 03:24 PM

Good regional food in Baja

My husband and I are going to Cabos San Lucas in February and we'll probably also spend a day in La Paz.

Does anyone have some suggestions as to where we can go to get great regional food - places a local would go?

Doug, my husband, loves Mexican food, and he prefers a casual atmosphere. Even a great food cart would make him happy.

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  1. For casual... just about anywhere in Mexico (very few towns / places have bad food) just follow these simple rules:

    > Regardless of what neighborhood you are in... just ask the locals (complete strangers... not hotel employees etc., with a bias).... first 3 that agree on a place... check it out.

    > Any place that is crowded is going to be good.

    > Visually inspect the place... if it is clean & they seem to follow hygienic practices you will be okay (most casual restaurants have open kitchens).

    Overall... Mexico has a strong foodie culture.. that is, the majority of the people are willing to sacrifice convenience in exchange for quality. So just trust them.

    1. Thanks for the great tips! We can't wait for our trip.

      1. When in La Paz go to Bizmark on the malecon for smoked marlin tacos. The best in southern Baja - agreed on by Mexicans and gringos alike.

        1. > Even a great food cart would make him happy.

          Super Tacos de Baja California Sur Hermanos Gonzalez

          1. I have a home in Cabo close to the Cosco. I recomend: Puerte Viejeo on hwy 1 close to Home depot on other side of road. Missionaise de Kino on ?Matamoros, dinner only,(Rudo's gym is on the corner turn right). La Fonda on Hidalgo turn away from marina go 1-2 mi. on left. Gardina's behind McDonald's. Club Cascada's Hotel as well as Pueblo Bonito on the waters edge. Sunday Bruch Buffet at Cabo Del Sol Club House on Hwy 1 in Cabo del Sol. Morgan's in San Jose is very good.