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Oct 20, 2006 03:20 PM

Should I Freeze My Apple Cider?

Since there is only 2 of us at home, and one of us isn't a lover of apple cider unless it is mulled, I realized that perhaps freezing some of it would be worthwhile. It goes bad so fast once the container is opened and it isn't exactly the kind of thing which you want to drink a lot of daily. Good as it is - it does have a lot of calories and personally, I try not to waste calories in my beverages.

So, the freezing came to mind but I've never heard of anyone doing this. Do you think it will ruin the texture/flavor of it? I figured I'd give it a go and see what happens but wanted to find out if anyone else has tried doing this.


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  1. Have done it lots of times - it works very well. I buy unpasteurized cider and if I'm not going to use it all in a few days, decant it into smaller containers and freeze. Tastes exactly the same when thawed.

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      Thanks! I hate to see it go to waste. I love it, but just can't drink that 1/2 gallon of it alone before it goes bad. At least this way I'll always have some around and if my husband gets a hankering for some hot mulled cider, he'll get his craving satisfied too.

    2. I did it last year (and will do it again this year!) with unpasteurized, as Nyleve did, and used the last of it recently. It was perfectly fine - a bit of the cider sediment settles to the bottom. Just shake or stir it up and you're good to go!

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        Linda, did you freeze it in the original container or put it into something else? I'd think it would expand in freezing and crack the plastic if in the original, right?

        1. re: sivyaleah

          I use it often in cooking, so I froze it in smaller 1/2 cup or 1 cup containers.

          HOWEVER.....if you do so, make sure you leave enough headroom in the container. Yes, this stuff (unpasteurized) can "blow the top off the popper!", as Orville Redenbacher used to say. <vbg>

          So this year, I'll use a 1-cup container and only fill it with 3/4 cup of cider to give it enough room.

      2. Many of the cider makers I work with freeze their containers and then can sell it fresh all year. Cider freezes very well.

        1. And the freezing does not kill the yeasts that will help unpasteurized cider ferment after 3+ weeks in the frig (shorter if no longer vacuum-sealed), which is sorta the whole point for some of us....

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          1. re: Karl S

            I'm curious - have seen a couple of references to home-fermented cider - are you talking about drinking a slightly fizzy cider that has fermented a few days, or something harder?

            1. re: julesrules

              The former. It gets better for a week to ten days thereafter. That's when it most alive.

          2. I freeze it in pint containers, and I defrost them as needed. I don't drink the stuff. Too sweet for me. I use it to fill the air with the aromas of what I consider autumn. [Actually, what I consider autumn at the Green Market in Union Square NYC, lol]. I take the pint of frozen cider (defrosted) place it in a pot to simmer along with a whole stick of cinnamon, some whole allspice, and some whole cloves. I place it on a slow simmer, and as it evaporates, I just add water. Very nice. Your place will smell wonderful. No need for Glade.