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Oct 20, 2006 03:12 PM

Shwarma in Oshawa/Whitby/Durham?


I work out in the Oshawa area, and I'm looking for a Shwarma place. Does anyone know of one?


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  1. I know of a shawarma place in Pickering, it should be right in the same mall/plaza as the mandarin, if you could locate that one.
    Also there is a place in Ajax that sells middle eastern foods, it's called "king tut convenience" and it's an egyptian grocery store/restaurant.
    I have their card here and it says shawarma and falafel sandwhiches, it says buy 9 get 1 free.
    They are at 235 Bayly St. W. Unit 22. Ajax. 905-686-5464

    I don't go to whitby often or Oshawa, but I know there is a persian store as well as a restaurant there, whether or not the restaurant sells shawarma, I'm not sure.

    By the way, beside the Ajax king tut store there is a lebanese bakery coming, they're under renovation, not sure if they'll sell shawarma once they're done, we'll see.

    1. There is an amazing shwarma place called Cyrus in Oshawa. It is the best I have ever been too. Its a very friendly atmosphere, serve is excellent, and the owner is so nice. The food is delectable and fresh, chicken shwarma is flavourful and the pita is soft (not old and stale like other places.) Falafel, koobideh, lamb, smoked egg plant is to die for. They also have a new persian shake with nuts, really great. Its a must try!!!!

      (905) 448-0892
      563 Ritson Road S, Oshawa, ON L1H 5K6

      1. Ok so not in Oshawa, but Pita Delite in Ajax on Harwood is my favourite local shwarma place. Went for lunch this Sat. and had beef shwarma. Totally yummy. If you like it spicy ask for the special hot sauce, which is kept under the counter.

        Also a must have is the fava been dip, only available on Sat. and also kept under the counter, not on the menu. Comes with salad plate of red onion, cucumber, hot peppers etc and a couple of warm pitas. Heaven. Makes one wonder what other treasures are hidden under the counter...

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          I heard good things about pita delite too on harwood.

        2. For an unconventional (oven baked) beef shawarma which is massive, I suggest one of the Pita Deli locations, either in the 5 Points Mall at Ritson & Taunton or beside Don Cherry's at Thickson & Champlain. Get it with the fattoush salad and tahini, not the tzatziki they always want to douse it with. The chicken is boring and dry (I think they boil and shred the chicken, it is white meat though).

          I did notice a new place open up at te SE corner of Taunton & Simcoe called Pita King (or something like that, it's beside the Mary Brown's). They seem to have traditional spit roasted chicken Shawarma. I haven't tried it yet.

          1. Pita Delites on Harwood, freshest produce. Been going for years, gurenteed fresh meat , on a nice summer day iv been told they have been through 3 full slabs of chicken. lol Very friendly service.