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Oct 20, 2006 03:05 PM

Where to buy fresh apples between Charleston and Greenville, SC?

Anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for roadside stands and the like where the apples are coming straight from the orchard. I'm guessing this might be a little more likely in the Greenville area, where the mountains are closer.

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  1. Jon, there are at least 2 roadside stands that I know of on 25 before you get to Travelers Rest - north of Greenville. You will have to hit side roads obviously but I would think you could find others on the route from Gvl to Charleston.

    1. LCJ

      I highly recommend Perdue's mountain fruit farm. A short detour north of Greenville on Scenic Hwy 11.

      Mr. Perdue grows his apples right behind the permanent farm stand. He's not organic, but he told me he sprays as little as possible. His apples are very, very good. I have not been by there in 2 weeks, but last time he also had pears, asian pears, fresh unpastuerized apple cider (we drink a gallon a week), figs and raspberries, although I suspect those last two are gone by now.

      From Hwy 25 North of Greenville, take the Hwy 11 exit and turn right (east) and go about 4 miles. The farm is on the left. If you get to the Cliffs of Glassy you have gone too far.

      1. If you're willing to drive just a bit farther into Henderson County, NC, you can pick 'em yourself right off the tree at Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock. (They have awesome, safe, fresh-squeezed cider, too.)