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Oct 20, 2006 02:50 PM

Where can I find mutton

Used to get mutton at The Grand Central Market in Los Angeles but I really don't want to make the trek there if they don't have it anymore. Would really prefer a place in the valley.

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  1. Hugh,
    The latest Payless Foods flyer has "Lean imported use like chivo mutton" listed at $1.69/lb. There's one in Sun Valley at 8025 Vineland plus many others around the county. Disclaimer: I haven't been to that store or tried their mutton, I just saw it in their ad. I usually go to the Payless on Peck Road near my work for cheap fruit and vegies - they have sweet corn this week 5/$.99

    1. I've found it at a Jon's market (specifically, the one at Vermont and Hollywood) - I generally look there first for any unusual or "ethnic" cuts. Good place to always find a whole pork shoulder too.

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        Thanks, both of you. I'll check them out.