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new Portland restaurants

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Anyone have some suggestions for good new dining in the Portland area? I feel like I have been going to the same few places (Flatbread, Ribolitta, Front Room, Ricettas, etc.) over and over again, and am looking for some new places to try. One thing, I am a vegetarian so I can't go to places that are too heavy into meat/seafood. Thanks!

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    1. Try the Blue Spoon on Congress St. They always have at least one vegetarian dish.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. The PepperClub is already a favorite of mine. I have tried Blue Spoon for lunch, but found their dinner menu pretty limited for a veggie. However, I LOVE the food at the Front Room down the street. I was more curious about places that have opened up within the past year or so. I tried Caiola's last week, and their pumpkin lasagna was delicious, as was my veggie soup.

        1. Have you tried "The greek Corner" on Upper Exchange. Decent hummus and olives and they have vegetarian moussaka.

          1. Tho I haven't been there myself, I've heard good things about Bar Lola on the Munjoy Hill end of Congress St. (across the st fromBlue Spoon).

            1. Best new restaurant is Vignola. You can go to www.vignolamaine.com

              They now have their menu posted.

              1. I haven't even heard of the Greek Corner, I will definitely check that out. My boyfriend is Greek, and we are always on the lookout for good Greek food, even though I usually stick to the spanikapita.

                Oooh, I forgot all about Bar Lola. I have been meaning to check that out, thank you for the reminder.

                Is Vignola the spinoff of Cinque Terra? I think I remember reading about that a few months ago. If so, I will definitely visit since I love Cinque, but can't afford to dine there as often as I wish.

                Thanks everyone!

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                1. Greek Corner is okay, but not in the same league as Vignola, Blue Spoon, or even the Pepper Club.

                  I'd also recommend Hot Suppa for breakfast. Ignore the name; it's good.

                  I've posted separately about both.

                  1. Blue Spoon has both vegan and veg. options, so surprised you couldn't find enough there

                    1. The last time I looked at the dinner menu a few months ago(while on my way to the Front Room), there was only one vegetarian option for dinner. That was it. That always ticks me off, because to me it is like the restaurant is saying you'll eat it and like it, and that's what you get for not eating meat. Now, I have had lunch at The Blue Spoon a few times, and they do offer more options at that time of day. However, dinner seems to be slim pickings. With that said, my company rented out the place for our holiday party a few years ago, and the food was AMAZING. However, since it was a private party, they made a lot of things I don't recall ever seeing on the menu, and they had a heads up that several of us were veggies, so there were actually lots of options for us, which was nice.