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Oct 20, 2006 02:27 PM

Affordable sushi place like Tomoe

What are some affordable sush places that I can go with my coworkers?
I used to like Tomoe but I've been hearing negative things about them. Is Yama still good?

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  1. Not sure what Nabe you're looking for but Iron Sushi, 3rd Ave btwn 30th and 31st, has good lunch/dinner specials. Also Yuka, 2nd Ave btwn 80th and 81st, has an $18 AYCE and the sushi is pretty good.

    1. Todd is right. YUKA is my first choice for sushi. $18.95

      However Kinoko on 72nd between columbus and broadway is my 2nd choice. Spicy salmon rocks. (It has all you can eat dragon / godzilla / spider handroll. Been there at least 50 times.
      $19.95 with soup and salad.

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        I've never heard of Kinoko...I'll have to check it out. Thanks critik.

        Also, it's not AYCE, but Cork & Fin on York Ave btwn 73rd and 74th has really great sushi. It's a hole in the wall run by a husband (chef) and wife (waitress)with reasonably priced, abundant rolls and sashimi. If you tell them your likes/dislikes and how much you'd like to spend, they'll just send all different dishes, bot sushi and cooked, to your table. Haven't been in a while, but it has always been great in the past.

      2. I was at the Yama on Irving for dinner 2 weeks ago and liked what I had. We had large pieces of sushi for 2, beef negimaki and a special soba salad. All very good and not expensive at all. A little rushed, but given the line when we left I understood. BTW there was no line when we went, so maybe early is the ticket to avoid waiting.

        1. Tomoe is still great. People are averse to change so they don't like the fact that Ken is not there except for Mondays. Armando is doing a super job. Still the best in NYC.

          1. I still say Hamachi is the place for sushi in NYC. Not expensive and delicious! Also, not trendy - just a good neighborhood place that's been around for nearly 20 years. 20th Street bet'w Broadway & Park South.