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White truffles for wife's b'day?

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Looking for a place with a great white truffle tasting menu for next month. Anyone hear of anything?


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  1. Alain Ducasse has a beautiful white truffle tasting menu. Seven courses for $320.

      1. EMP has a good, slightly less money, one as well.

        1. Babbo will be having one soon if it hasn't already started.

          1. Terrence Brennan does one every year at Picholine, too.

              1. San Domenico is famous for its truffle menus. Tony May the owner gets high quality truffles through his connections. Haven't been lately as it isn't cheap, but when I last went it was tops in town for truffles. Less expensive than Alain Ducasse though...

                1. Here's a recent NY Magazine piece on white truffle dinners currently offered: