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Oct 20, 2006 12:24 PM


Looking to make some scrumptious turducken this year. I've read through old posts on this board, is Bristol Farms the only local choice? Anyone have any feedback on how they were last thanksgiving? Do they need to be ordered well ahead of time? I would rather not go the mail order route unless totally necessary.

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  1. You can call Bristol Farms and they will set one aside for you.

    1. There are many local meat markets in South Louisiana that ship Turduckens throughout the U.S. Here is one of my favorites in Breaux Bridge (home of the Crawfish Festival). There are many more but this is a start.

      1. It is great, we actually smoked it for 2 hours and finished it in the oven, then the next day you get some sourdough and make turducken sandwiches, Yummy !

        1. I'm not completely sure how long ago this was, but I remember reading in a Gelson's mailer that it was available there. I filed in my memory, under "good to know."

          Hopefully, there'a local Gelson's you can call to ask.

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            yep, gelsons should carry it. i know they did last year. but keep in mind turducken is a special order item so don't try to buy it the day of or a few days before your dinner.

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              Okay, good I'm not crazy.

              AstoriaRon, let us know how it turns out, regardless of where you procure it.