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Oct 20, 2006 10:08 AM

Beer for Wine Drinkers

Since they're discussing wine for beer drinkers over on the wine board, it seems only appropriate to talk about the converse. What beers would you offer a wine drinker?

I've offered Duchesse de Bourgogne to more than one wine drinker, and it amazed them.

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  1. In a similar vein,
    I'd recommend a nice Cantillon Geuze. Sour but lighter in color than the Duchesse, similar to Champagne in some ways.

    Although I'm wondering about the idea of finding a beer that shares characteristics with wine. Maybe the idea is that the person doesn't like beer, but they don't want their beer to taste like wine, they just want a more accessible beer. In that case maybe offer them a belgian white or maybe a long trail blackberry wheat? Something well made but light??

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      I love wine and am not a big beer fan - when I've sipped my husband's beers, the ones I find tolerable are the pilsners - what I don't like are v. strong/yeasty flavors.

    2. I have offered lambics in champagne glasses and had wine snobs who hate beer ask me "what is this lovely sparkling wine?"

      1. You can't beat Belgian ales for astoundingly complex ranges of flavors, usually with more subdued hops which might be what some people don't like about beer. Try Duvel or Rochefort 10.

        I agree the most wine-like beers are lambics (Cantillon Kriek for instance, I am not talking about the sweet Lindemans stuff). The tartness, light body, ever changing development in the glass...wonderful...

        1. I had this for the first time but think it would be a great intro for a wine drinker, Russian River Temptation. It is aged in Oak barrels and is reminiscent of a Chardonay. This is a complex beer which i cannot wait to get again.

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            Excellent beer from a fantastic brewery. Proves that more than just good wine comes from the region.

            Other good American brews for the wine drinker that I like are Allagash Interlude, Sixpoint Grand Crue and Cambridge Brewing Co.'s Tiger Bite.

          2. Sounds like lambics are the front runners.

            I would also include sour ales such as Monk's Cafe. Those offer some of the same complexities of a lambic but can be wildly different.