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Oct 20, 2006 06:56 AM

[AUS] Just moved down South and feeling food despair.

I just moved from living in the near SoCo district to the remote Manchaca and William Cannon zone.

I'm looking for eateries within a mile of that intersection that are worth a damn.

I've already hit:
Evitas Botanitas
Hao Hao
Casa Garcia
Casa Maria
Evangeline Cafe

Every single one of these places had something I liked about it, but left me somewhat cold overall.

Now, other than Seoul/DK's, does anyone have any suggestions? Remember, I know all sorts of good stuff north of Ben White. I need CLOSE places that can be my Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday places. When suggesting places to try, please recommend dishes that rock the house as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bakehouse(Manchaca near Stassney)-I have breakfast there often. The 1/2 order of Eggs Benedict w/ their own hollandaise is pretty good.
    Sawadee(Stassney/Manchaca)-Thai Restaurant that has a very decent lunch buffet.
    Dong Nai(Target Shopping Center, Lamar/Ben White)- one of my new favorite Vietnamese restaurants.
    Central Market Cafe-always decent.
    Taqueria Arandas(Stassney)-hit and miss.
    Taqueria that I can't remember the name of, but it's on the feeder of Ben White near Bannister (across Russell from Sweet Cleaners) is excellent.
    Dairy Queen(Stassney)-decent burger-what can I say?
    Cheery Creek(Stassney/Manchaca)-great fried catfish and decent bbq.

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      Tell me more about this Bakehouse of which you speak. Driving by, the place looks rad. What sort of place is this?

      1. re: tom in austin

        Bakehouse sucks for lunch and dinner. The menu is all over the place and everything we had, that was recommended, tasted like it was made by that one grandma everybody has that doesn't know how to cook but thinks she does.

        I have heard good things about their breakfasts though.

        1. re: tom in austin

          I used to do dinner once a week in there, the Beef Wellington and the greek pork were my faves. I have stopped going because the cleanliness of it has gone to hell. It was disgusting last time I was in there

      2. It's nothing spectacular, but Hunan, at Manchaca and William Cannon, has some pretty good but standard Chinese. Don't get your hopes up too high, but do try the combination moo shu.

        The Michoacana supermarket in the shopping center at S. First and Stassney has a great lunch counter, and would be good for take out.

        And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Krispy Kreme. Despite scepticism over chain donut places, each time I go there, and it's rarely, I feel like I remember what a donut is. They melt in your mouth. The gods on Olympus would have eaten them.

        1. Galaxy Cafe at Brodie & Slaughter is a nice place for a salad or sandwich (and weekend brunch).

          Lee's Kitchen at William Canyon and MoPac by the Gold's Gym has the best Viet. food I've had south of the river. Their bahn mi are boring but the other items I've had (mostly pork based) have been good to great. The Chron reviewed in the near past if you want specific names. Cypress Grill is also in this shopping center if I recall correctly if you want decent but not great Cajun.

          By Central Market you have the new Hyde Park (about the same as the original with good fries and ok other food) and Madam Mam's which has seemed better to me but maybe that is because it is much cleaner than the Drag one.

          1. Somebody posted on another thread that Tino's Greek Cafe opened a location at Brodie & Slaughter next to the Galaxy Cafe. I've only been to their north location, but it was good. You get some chicken or mystery meat and a bunch of mediterranian sides -- humus, babaganoush, stuffed grape leaves, etc. It's a good weeknight kind of place.

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            1. re: Brian Lindauer

              I can second Tino's. I go there once ever two weeks. The lamb and chicken kabobs are enough for two (and priced that way) @ $13/$15), but they have other great entrees and bountiful sides to choose from for ~$7.

            2. chick-fil-a!

              i'm kidding.

              no i'm not.