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Oct 20, 2006 05:23 AM

coffeehouse/bar in Palm Springs

I will be in Palm Springs over the weekend. For late Saturday evening I am looking for a nice place to drink a good coffee or a bar after the restaurant visit. Are there any good places open after 10-11pm ?

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  1. After some searches "Peabody's coffee/bar" comes up on most lists. Is this place worth a visit ?

    1. I know you've come and gone but thought I'd post anyway. Peabody's is a good local breakfast lunch hangout. At night it is only open on the weekend and then not a coffee house but a bar. St James has a bar and has and Espresso machine. LG's steak house doesn't mind late night bar if they have room (they close at 10 during the week) and they do have an outside area.