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Oct 20, 2006 04:51 AM

La Dijonaise for Breakfast

Because of proximity LD won the location most likely to succeed for breakfast 2 days in a row.
We tried the Spinach Cheese Omelet, Egg & Ham Croissant, Eggs Neptune (salmon instead of Ham) Benedict, Croquet Madame.
EVERYTHING WAS STELLAR! Better than SQUARE ONE , Better than Beverly Hills "Polo Lounge", Better than Peninsula , etc. Try it!

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  1. La Dijonnaise, 8703 Washington Blvd (in the Helm's Bakery complex), (310) 287-2770

    1. i would debate whether it's bether than square one but i had their croissant the other morning and it was to die for! it was the perfect crunchy, flaky and chewy texture on the outside and buttery and moist layers of heaven on the inside. one of the best croissants i've had in a while.

      1. Does the Croque Madame have a bechamel sauce on it?

        By the way- just finishing my Surfas b'fast- I got the french toast panini. It's average. Should've gone to La Dij.

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          We were at Surfas first and couldn't get excited about the offerings which is why we ended up at La Dijon.
          Concerning Square One, we have had many of the menu items and they are mostly above average but we really liked our La Dijon experience better.

        2. I agree with the op on La Dij -- it's a great breakfast and our regular place cuz we can walk there. The kids love the eggs and the french toast. I usually have the eggs florentine. another good place, but further down Overland Boulevard, south of Culver, is Cafe Laurent.