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Oct 20, 2006 04:46 AM

E. Baldi

Went on Tue for a Pre-Dinner.
Liked the Carpaccio, Lobster Gnocchi.
Hated the attitude, and 40- corkage?
Are they crazy? Decent food, won't be returning.

Then went to Spago for a mini Tasting Menu, w/fine burgs, fabu!

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  1. Went there a few nights ago and thought the food was really good. Service was good, room was a bit noisy but they have a nice vibe overall. The Veal is great, and so is the chard pasta. Risotto was just OK.

    1. where is it? thank you.

      1. it's i think 114 west channel road in santa monica, right off pch.

        and the raviolis here all great. entrees suck, the veal chop milanese is not bad though not very interesting (at least 30 bucks or so) Now that white truffles are starting to show up it might get interesting.

        oh, and the service sucks to all hell.

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        1. re: kevin

          No Kevin, E. Baldi is in Beverly Hill on Canon a block from Spago BH.
          How could I have had a PRE DINNER at E. Baldi then been at Spago for a Tasting Menu 5 mins later?
          Your thinking of his father Georgio Baldi in W. SM on Channel Rd. If you want the best White Truffles in LA go to Valentino, was just there last Wed, awesome!!

          1. re: russkar

            my bad, i don't know why giorgio popped into my head. you did say "E" after all and not g. interesting, does his son serve more of the same food as at giorgio baldi?

        2. >How could I have had a PRE DINNER at E. Baldi then been at Spago for a Tasting Menu 5 mins later?

          --Russ, no one familiar with your exploits could possibly put this past you!

          Thanks for the info on E. Baldi. I'm unclear where this is. Is it really in the Brighton/Canon building, as an earlier poster stated? (My internist is in that building--didn't know there was a restaurant space there.) The usual sources (yellow pages, public health, ABC license) seem to show nothing.

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          1. re: PayOrPlay

            Yeah. The Drugstore is next door at the corner.
            I had to eat quick at E. Baldi with Kar so I could join my "Guys Only" Burg group at Spago. Imagine running down Canon with 5 bts in a Wine bag just to start eating all over again? It was like a 1K Marathon.

          2. The original comment has been removed