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Oct 20, 2006 04:35 AM

Giant Grinder Shop near Bradley International Airport

Went looking for a grinder to take on the plane with me - as I was taking off from Bradley International. Came across the Second Poquonock - Giant Grinder Shop just a few minutes away from the Hertz lot where we returned our car. Got a half Italian combo - 8 inch - for $5.65 - watched the counter guy build it and I was impressed. Very massive sandwich - I got mine with olive oil and everything on could feel the heft when I picked it up - about 1.5 inches thick of thinly sliced meats and cheese and then lettuce, tomato, peppers, etc.... I split this with my wife and we were pretty satisfied. I don't like flying when I'm stuffed. The full grinder is 16 inches long and costs $11.30 - you'd have to be starving to tackle that one.

Here's a photo of my sandwich - all the meats were sliced just as he was building the sandwich. Good tasting provolone and good cold cuts. This is way better than anything you could get in the airport. I saw someone eating a sandwich he bought at one of the deli stands in the airport and I felt sorry for him....

Second Poquoock - GIANT Grinder Shop 75 Old County Rd. Windsor Locks, CT
860. 623-9435 Located right behind the Bradley Bowl Open 9am - 9pm
County Rd is parallel to H.75 - one block South - going away from the airport.

They also have pizza, salads, fried chicken, meatballs, etc.....but I didn't get to try any of those.
Definitely give these guys a try if you're flying out of Bradley.

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  1. Thanks - we will give it a try in a couple of weeks.

    1. wow, that sandwich looks absolutely delicious! oh and nice picture as well

      1. westie, if you try something other than the italian combo grinder please post about your choice. I want to see what else they do well/or not.

        1. Excellent photo! Poquonock Giant Grinder is legendary both west and east of the river. Growning up, as a treat, my Dad would drive 25 miles round trip to bring home the best grinders around. Glad to hear that they are still up to quality.

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          1. re: bluesman55

            Are they related to Franklin Giant Grinder in the south end of Hartford?

            1. re: sallyct

              Not that i know of .... not even sure where the First store is?

              1. re: gordon wing

                The first store was on Poquonock Ave, next to the Farmington River, where Tunxis Grill is now. It no longer exists. from shortly after the second was opened.

                No relation to Franklin Giant Grinder.

          2. NICE sandwich, next time how about a photo of the inside and outside of the store?