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Oct 20, 2006 04:35 AM

Minneapolis - Convention Center Suggestions

Any suggestions on good foodie places to eat near the convention center, but I don't mind a hike. Good steak place, good Italian, good cafes in general.


A Portland Oregon Girl on a Business Trip for 4 nights

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  1. cognac,

    The Minneapolis Convention Center is located in downtown Minneapolis, so doing a search of downtown Minneapolis recommendations (which has been covered in quite a few threads) should give you the information you're looking for.

    1. Cognac,

      Welcome. First, I would start out with this thread:

      When you get down to the debate about Bonfire Grill, you can pretty much stop reading as we start getting less useful at that point.

      If I had four nights alone in downtown Minneapolis, I would hit the following (assuming a healthy expense account subsidy) for suppers:

      112 Eatery (alone, no problems getting a seat at the bar without reservation. This, for me, is the quinessential solo business trip chow spot. Personally, I would be happy dining there four nights in a row or more
      )La Belle Vie (alone on business, I would settle into the lounge. This is MSP's version of a Michelin-starred place)
      Manny's (our best, albeit most expensive steak place meeting your steak requirement)
      Chambers Kitchen (note...I haven't been there yet, but I'm a sucker for new widely anticipated places and this is our brand new Jean-Georges Vongerichten place. If you're operating on expense, that mitigates your risk of it being a dud).

      All are within easy walking distance from the Convention Center.

      MSP is a little weak in the Italian department. D'Amico Cucina is worthy,, but it's not the kind of place I'd want to go alone on business (I look for places you can sample super cuisine but feel relaxed and less conspicuously alone).

      Hell's Kitchen by the Convention Center seems to be the consensus breakfast spot, although amid raves, you get an occasional strongly negative review. When that happens, I chalk it up to misaligned expectations. Keys Cafe downtown is another popular breakfast spot but more for absurdly large portions of standard diner comfort fare like 5 egg omelets and pancakes the size of a Hummer hubcap.

      I would ask that another of us who works downtown direct you to the good coffee (at least a Dunn Brothers outlet).

      Good luck and please let us know what you found.

      1. You should note that the convention center is off to the side of the downtown grid and that most restaurants are 6-7 blocks away from the convention center.

        Good steak can be found near the Minneapolis Convention Center at Manny's (located in the Hyatt at 13th and Nicollet).

        I don't have a recommendation for good Italian that is really close to the convention center itself, but would recommend D'Amico Cucina at 6th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue North (in Butler Square just next to Target Center).
        particularly recommend it if you have an expense account.

        My other suggestions for a good "foodie" place nearby is Vincent (French Cuisine), located at 12th and Nicollet.

        A little further away (but within walking distance) is Cafe Lurcat, which is at the far end of Loring Park (1624 Harmon Place - which is one of the strets bordering the park.) Loring Park is probably safe, but walking through it at night depends on your comfort level. You may prefer to walk up to Hennepin Avenue, which is better lit, and then walk down the street and follow Hennepin around the corner by the Basilica to Lurcat.

        Other nearby places include Masa ("High End" Mexican - haven't tried it - Nicollet between 10th and 11th), and Willie's (1100 Harmon; again - haven't tried it).

        Also, 14th and Nicollet is at the top of "Eat Street" which is the name for an area of about 15 blocks of Nicollet that have various ethnic restaurants.

        A map of downtown Minneapolis (with the convention center at the bottom) can be found at:

        Enjoy Minneapolis!


        1. zelo for "newish" italian - food is consistent and I've always had good service there... you can dine in the bar and its decent people watching .....9th and nicollet

          Hell's kitchen is excellent.

          have fun!

          1. I second the 112 Eatery recommendation. Haven't been in Mpls in quite a while but the "Chinese" eggs with buttery toast points and the handmade pasta with lamb ragu were my favorites the last times I went.