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Oct 20, 2006 03:50 AM

Stone Hearth Pizza Co. Reviews?

Any thoughts on this Neopolitan pizza Fresh Salad Local And Organic.

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  1. I love the place, and visit often with my wife and daughter. Its an interesting blend of pizza place and something a little more upscale-- I've never been anywhere else where I can get a glass of Languedoc with my pizza. My favorite pizza in the area used to be from Emma's in Cambridge, but Stone Hearth is as good if not better. The quality of the ingredients, particularly the cheeses, comes through, and the wine by the glass list is surprisingly good (and unusual). They also have always had impeccable service when I've visited, and have been especially considerate to children.

    If you go, I'd recommend the four cheese pizza and the caesar salad.

    1. mediocre, definitely not neapolitan. Maybe neapolitan 'style', (thin crust) Tried it twice, unremarkeble. Not bad..jus not that great.I always get a plain or Margherita so I didn't get to try thier tastier sounding toppings.
      I think they try to get fancy on the toppings but we all know the most important aspect of pizza isn't toppings. Maybe they can make those fancy toppings into decent entrees..but then they would have to triple the amount of food to charge the same as the pizza. The cheese is what tastes like Grande's 50/50....half mozz 1/2 provolone. Great quality cheese but not organic (I don't think), so I am not sure how strict their organic testament is if that 'was' the cheese I tasted.

      I had a mesclun salad was good, again no standout. But I think one would need to try all the salads for a more accurate judgement.

      It is busy when I drive past so they are definitely making enough people happy. It also has nice atmosphere, and service.

      1. I agree with FFC-- we've been a couple times, and all the elements seem to be in place but they don't all come together. Everything sounds and looks very good, but it's missing a little soul, I think.

        1. Rather expensive, but good food. The farm-fresh pizza is a standout - real olives, potato, red peppers, artichoke hearts and arugula salad with balsamic dressing and proscuitto as toppings. I agree that the crust itself is only fair, albeit thin, but as a package this particular pizza is great. When I am in a more carnivorous mood, the sausage, roasted red pepper and carmelized onion pizza hits the spot.

          They do make an effort to locally source ingredients (and beer), and do use primarily organic ingredients.

          Kids are welcome. My kids would go every day.

          The latest item on the menu are cookies/bisotti for dessert. The coconut sugar cookie was particularly good, IMHO.

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                  Thanks for the info- Sudbury is even better for me!