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Oct 20, 2006 02:56 AM

Ideal bread for panini

I'm having a panini party on saturday and would like to request an input as to the best bread for making paninis.

i was thinking maybe ciabatta?

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  1. I like using a sourdough loaf or rye bread.

    here is one of my favorite panini sandwiches:

    2 slices of hearty rye bread
    dill pickle slices
    slices of aged cheddar cheese
    dijon mustard

    slather the mustard on one or two slices of the bread, throw in as much cheese as you want and as many dill pickle slices as you want. butter each side of the sandwich liberally and throw it into your press.

    I have the cuisinart griddler and my boyfriend and I use it at least twice a week for panini. We love the rye bread sandwich and we all like using the sourdough for a mozarella, basil, tomato sandwich.

    If there is a trader joe's near you, I suggest trying out their tuscan pane bread. It's not that bad when you use it in a panini grill and it's already pre sliced

    ciabatta is also great, you just have to press down a little harder because the outside is harder (more crust)

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    1. re: bitsubeats

      How much does the Tuscan Pane cost?

    2. Ciabatta is a good choice, as is focaccia, really good Italian and sour dough.

      You want something sturdy.

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      1. re: hummingbird

        hummingbird is right, because now that I think about it the cheese always oozes out of the little holes in my bread and burns/makes a mess in my panini grill. If you don't mind cleaning up or burnt bits of cheese than by all means...

      2. Why not have a couple kinds? If you're not set on authenticity, I highly recommend using day-old croissants. Or Chinese scallion pancakes.