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Oct 20, 2006 02:40 AM

Birthday dinner with kids on the BART line in SF

Do you have any good suggestions where we can get a festive dinner along the BART line with two kids (6 & 9 yrs old) in tow? I will have a riot to deal with if they have to walk more than 5 seconds, although I can probably whip them to move for 3 min.

Since I am going to be in SF already for an afternoon drink at the Ferry Building, I prefer somewhere around Embarcadero or Union Sq area, but I'm flexible.

I am looking for good food that will keep the 6 yr old entertained, something in the line of:

1. Espetus Churrascaria (is it really worth $40 per person????)
2. Juni Teppanyaki (kind of far, but maybe we can send the kids & one adult off on a cab if there is one around)
3. Matterhorn Fondue (also not BART-able)

All three choices are not ideal because EC sounds a lot for an AYCE place and Juni and Matterhorn are not BART-able.

I considered taking the MUNI bus to Japantown for Juban or Shabu-sen, but I think the kids will be complaining a whole lot on the way home...

I really appreciate any suggestions! I considered Chinese banquets, but we have those all the time in the South Bay, so I was hoping for something a bit different... I saw on Opentable that Cortez still had reservations open - would that be a good choice?

Thanks so much!

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  1. How about Delfina Pizzeria? It is very kid -friendly if you go before 6 or so. No tricks like your request,but good food .

    My kid loves Japantown,wandering,windowshopping,and he loves Sushi Boat. There's a gimmick that kids like,but it is not too good. I think Juban is good and fun.The 22 Fillmore goes from Bart and 116th(sketcy corner) to J-town...maybe a cab back to Embarcadero...Have fun

    1. I like Cortez a lot, but it can get really expensive, and I'm not sure how kid friendly the environment is. Farmerbrown might be good -- it's right near BART, it's loud enough so that you don't have to worry about the kids making noise, and it has fun stuff on the menu, and good drinks for the grownups.