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Beers and Burgers in Park Slope?

Anybody know of a good place for bugers and beer in park slope?

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  1. bonnie's grill. 5th ave.

    1. 200 Fifth Avenue near Union

      Great handmade burgers - they recently changed the way they make their fries so I am not so crazy about the fries anymore

      40 beers on tap plus many others in bottles.

      sports bar atmosphere - can also get fine dining food along with the typical but well done sports bar fried crap like homemade fried zucchini, baked clams, great steak, buffalo and other wings, breaded mozzarella, but also good fish specials, tasty salads, yummy pastas, generous portions and reasonable prices.

      my hubbys favorite is surprisingly good the way you remember it from the old days. - chicken parmesan.

      and of course a great burger and brew

      1. I second Bonnie's - not best taps, but great bottles. Also, best burgers in the Slope. Anyone have any word on Lighthouse Tavern? They might fit the bill...

        1. i like the park slope ale house, on 6th ave and either 5th or 6th streets. good, old school tavern-y atmosphere with lots of beer choices and good burgers.

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            2nd the alehouse. Good mellow place.

          2. Lighthouse tavern is awful. I'm pretty sure their burgers are frozen patties.

            1. In the slope, the best burgers are @ Cocotte... fun, laid back service at their bar entrance on 4th St.

              1. 2nd street cafe (2nd st. & 7th ave) has a deal after 9pm: beer + burger for $9.95. they have great food there, although i have never had a burger.

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                  burgers at 2nd st. are great. plus, they make a way better turkey burger than bonnie's (which i have found to be, both times i tried, mushy and flavorless)

                2. Mr Falafel makes a great hamburger. No brewski though. Johnny Macks maybe on 8th Ave on the corner of 12th Street.

                  1. This board encouraged me to try the unfortunately named Rhythm & Booze (Prospect & 10th Ave. -- a little on the SE edge of the slope) and their burgers are so incredibly good. Also, in my experience, while it's never empty, it's never all that crowded. Just a really grat nabe bar, good beer selection, stellar burger. I love it.

                    1. To answer JennMarie66, "R&B" poses a contradiction of sorts...I had a burger and fries to go recently on (I think) a Wednesday night - had the craving. That burger, fine meat quality aside, was way overcooked and I can't say it was because of oversteaming inside its container. The fries were dreadful - a pile of sorry sog bathed in a greasy rancid slog.

                      I've eaten at the bar and all's been crisp and medium-rare, with delicious pints of Sierra to wash it down. So I guess we'll have to go for the tie-breaker and see.

                      PS - Friday nights (especially with playoff sports) are mobbed.

                      1. the only positive aspect of the now-gone City Lighting was their great burger.

                        Beast has a great burger. Helios on 6th Ave. also has a great burger. Both have beer. Both haven't been mentioned yet.

                        I wouldn't recommend 2nd St. Cafe to my worst enemy. Been there three times (including 9/11, believe it or not). Everything I ever order was absolutely flavorless. How the place is packed is a tribute to people settling for mediocrity (which also explains why the Park Cafe diner on 7th is also packed.)

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                          "Beast has a great burger. Helios on 6th Ave. also has a great burger. Both have beer. Both haven't been mentioned yet."

                          Perhaps the reason Beast wasn't mentioned is that it's located in Prospect Heights. The title of the thread is "Beers and Burgers in Park Slope."

                        2. Are you looking for a bar scene or diner scene?

                          Bar would most likely be 200 5th although the atmosphere can be a bit too much. It's on 5th ave and union street. nice big burger there.

                          diner I enjoy fifth avenue diner restaurant. 5 ave between 8 and 9 street. Flame broiled burgers and and generous deluxes.

                          Both places serve beer.

                          1. bonnie's - smoking... enjoy frankbooth

                            1. I have to say, I'm completely bored with Bonnie's these days. The male waiter is always oblivious and usually messes up your order because he cant pay attention, and the burgers arent that amazing after all. I tend to order a beer and buffalo wings and go elsewhere.

                              There isnt any place in the slope that serves a burger as good as Pete's ale House or Dumont in my opinion.

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                                On a self-admitted complete tangent: as a regular at Pete's Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic for both burgers and pulled pork, I think you need to try Downtown Atlantic for both as well. It's great having both places around (okay, Bob M.: it's not Park Slope... I said "tangent"!).

                              2. Snookies and you get a great salad bar too

                                1. bonnies is great...i hate to say it but i think the ale house is a bit overrated

                                  1. I think snookies is gross, i like that it still exists but the food is horrible and 2nd street beyond awful. I live a block away and I always walk by hoping I'll never break down and go there again. To me the best burger is Miracle Grill--with blue cheese, bacon, and sauteed onions. Eat it at the bar. mmmmm....

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                                      where is Miracle Grill? In Brooklyn or NYC?

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                                        Brooklyn--7th and 3rd Street (there used to be two in NYC, but i think they're gone...)

                                    2. I second the nomination of Helios. They have great burgers, great souvlaki and other Greek sandwiches, and delicious french fries seasoned with thyme and other herbs. They're pretty inexpensive, too, and I feel like people don't know about them because they're on the more residential 6th Avenue (at the corner of St. Mark's). Definitely worth checking out.

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                                        I intend to try Helios at some point. The type of food they serve is not something I usually go out of my way for and they won't deliver to me...I'm at St. Johns btw Underhill/Washington, about a 17-minute walk and delivery is usually by bike, so...whatever. But the recommendations here have gotten me interested.

                                      2. Don't forget about PARK SLOPE ALE HOUSE on 6th avenue (near 4th street i think?). That place has awesome sweet potato fries, lots of beers, decent prices, and a great bizarre game room downstairs that feels like the bottom level of a danky cruise ship.

                                        I live in LA now, but I miss that place in my old hood... park slope.

                                        1. The panini burgers at Bar Toto (6th Ave & 11th St) are out of this world, and the fries are gollydarned fine as well. It can tend toward the noisy and/or kid-choked, but non-prime dining hours should be dandy.

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                                            I'll 2nd the Toto burger. Very good indeed. And Bonnies remains a standout.

                                          2. I'm still continuing my tour of recommended "best burgers" in NYC - concentrating on Brooklyn and Manhattan for now.

                                            All I can say about my latest burger is - "What Took Me So Long?"

                                            The 8oz butter basted burger at Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope should be on everyone's top 10 list. It was pefectly charred on the outside and cooked to order mediuum rare on the inside. Salted correctly and very juicy. Topped with Vermont cheddar, I added a slice of tomato and a few pan seared mushrooms. I also used SP's home made chile-mayo sauce - it was just the right addtion.

                                            The bun fit the diameter of burger and was a standard soft sesame seed job that nicely absorbed the juice from the burger.

                                            I found the "comes with" fries just OK - I was suspicious of them because I really couldn't tell if they were fresh or frozen. A little too perfectly shaped I think for hand cut.

                                            This is our third trip to Stone Park for brunch. We like the vibe a lot and have always found the servers to be friendly and courteous and around when you need them.

                                            Now I can't wait to try that braised short rib slider w/creamed spinach and quail egg!