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Oct 20, 2006 01:11 AM

Beers and Burgers in Park Slope?

Anybody know of a good place for bugers and beer in park slope?

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  1. bonnie's grill. 5th ave.

    1. 200 Fifth Avenue near Union

      Great handmade burgers - they recently changed the way they make their fries so I am not so crazy about the fries anymore

      40 beers on tap plus many others in bottles.

      sports bar atmosphere - can also get fine dining food along with the typical but well done sports bar fried crap like homemade fried zucchini, baked clams, great steak, buffalo and other wings, breaded mozzarella, but also good fish specials, tasty salads, yummy pastas, generous portions and reasonable prices.

      my hubbys favorite is surprisingly good the way you remember it from the old days. - chicken parmesan.

      and of course a great burger and brew

      1. I second Bonnie's - not best taps, but great bottles. Also, best burgers in the Slope. Anyone have any word on Lighthouse Tavern? They might fit the bill...

        1. i like the park slope ale house, on 6th ave and either 5th or 6th streets. good, old school tavern-y atmosphere with lots of beer choices and good burgers.

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            2nd the alehouse. Good mellow place.

          2. Lighthouse tavern is awful. I'm pretty sure their burgers are frozen patties.