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Oct 20, 2006 12:45 AM

Need advice for a restaurant in Worcester for a guy's night.

The 111 Chophouse and the Sole aren't options, due to budgets. What other places are there? I'd prefer to avoid chains too.

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  1. Great meatball subs, stellar jukebox and good martinis at Vincent's.

    1. I think the Boynton would be right up your alley:

      Used to be a very laid back kind of place, haven't been there in a few years.

      Sort of gettig "high brow"?

      It used to be certainly a guys/gals night out type of place.

      There are also some good Italian places on Shrewsbury St I do believe. Just can't think of the names right now. Hope some one else will.

      1. Are you thinking of Anthony's on Shrewsbury Street? I haven't been there in years, so I'm not sure it's still the same, but I remember it as a good mid-range Italian place. Then, they could saunter over to Caffe Dolce for coffee drinks and people watching.

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          Yes, Anthony's. Although I too haven't been there in years. Don't get to Worcester much anymore.

        2. Vincent's is indeed a great place to hang--a hip bar that serves good, simple food (not too many choices, though). And the Boynton is good value with a lot of choices and a "good time" atmosphere. If you're up for something more restaurant-y, Flying Rhino on Shrewsbury St. also isn't bad--interesting, diverse menu and a sort of youthful feel to it.

          For Italian, yes, Anthony's is still dependable. Piccolo's, across the street, is also good. Both of those places are more subdued/upscale and have less of a "boys' night out" feel than the ones mentioned above. For more basic red-sauce Italian, the Wonder Bar has a lot of character. (All three of those are also on Shrewsbury St.)