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Oct 20, 2006 12:39 AM

Need an alternative to Peking Duck House

I don;t understand why so many people seem to love the Peking Duck House on Mott street. It has always seemed too touristy and expensive for me. Do any of you have any favorite places in Chinatown for Peking Duck? Since I live on the outskirts of Chinatown, I'd much rather eat down here, than go uptown for Peking Duck.

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  1. In chinatown I still think Peking duck House is the best..and Peking duck is my number one favorite food. Uptown..Pig Heaven is really good too

    1. My favorite is Tai Hong Lau on Mondays where it is the special for $18, I think. Have not been in a while, but last time we went it was great. They use mantou slices versus pancakes if that matters to you. I actually like it better.

      1. My absolute favorite Peking Duck is at The Nice Restaurant, 35 E. Broadway, near the Manhattan Bridge. Instead of thin pancakes, they serve the duck with a thicker, doughier and sweeter pancake. It serves as a great contrast to the crispiness and savoriness of the duck.


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          i love the peking duck at dim sum go go on east bway

        2. Peking Duck House is a funny place. The food is decent, but it's wannabe upscale. Stiff and formal waiters. But then they're blasting REALLY BAD POP MUSIC. We're talking Jack Wagner...yes, the actor from General Hospital with that one Top 40 hit. And it's REALLY LOUD.

          Maybe try some of these other recommendations if you don't want to go into convulsions over the bad pop music. Out of the ones recommended above, I would try Nice Restaurant or Tai Hong Lau.