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Oct 20, 2006 12:06 AM

Best Gourmet Specialty Market's in Los Angeles Area

I am new to Los Angeles from NYC and Im dying to find a few great specialty food shops, not on the scale of Whole Foods or Bristol Farms. Anywhere in the greater los angeles area, I am willing to go the distance! Any Suggestions?

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  1. Surfas in Culver City, gourmet foods, cookware, chocolates, attached cafe. Better go soon (see eminent domain issues on their website)

    Nicole's in South Pasadena, French gourmet foods, sandwiches.

    Plenty of other ethnic food shops.

    1. Sadly, there is no Chelsea Market nor Fairway in LA. But there are great farmers markets. One thing they have in LA markets that they don't have in Union Square is fresh fish. Here's a list:

      Monsieur Marcel is overpriced but good in a pinch, and I am in love with the butcher next door (Huntington Meats- only place to get Boar's Head for less than $10 a lb.


      Bay Cities in SM is a decent Italian deli

      There's also Mario's deli in Glendale

      Although it's not high end, you can find a lot of middle eastern cheeses, oils, and a darn good and cheap butcher at Super King in Atwater

      Super King Market
      2716 N San Fernando Rd
      Los Angeles, CA 90065
      (323) 225-0044

      If you haven't yet been to Surfas, you must go. It's Bowery Kitchen Supply meets Zabars.

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        I second Mr. Marcel. I can get everything from PG Tips to salted capers. Of course I'm spoiled because I live basically across the street and can walk over there anytime. The Huntington is a fantastic shop too. The fruit stands can be disappointing at Farmer's Market, so you have to shop with care in that department.

      2. Market Gourmet in Venice has a lot of high-end gourmet food and supplies.

        And, Le Sanctuaire in SM has hard to find butters, oils, chocolates, pastas, spices. No prepared food, though.

        1. Julienne's has a nice selection of specialty items and their own prepared items. You can also eat there.

          2649 Mission Street
          San Marino #626.441-2299

          1. Tudor House for a wide assortment of hard-to-find British pastries and candies.

            1403 2nd St
            Santa Monica, CA 90401
            (310) 451-4107