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Oct 19, 2006 11:59 PM

ISO Chinese "grapefruit"

Been longing for a fruit I first tasted in Macau a few years back... looks a lot like grapefruit (skin is more yellowish than green) but the meat is sweet -- not bitter/tart like grapefruit. I spotted something in Oakland Chinatown last week that looked just like it and purchased one, but alas! I came home and found out it was just grapefruit. Anyone know what it is called and/or where I can find it? Thanks!

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    1. I've seen those at the Japanese supermarket on the south side of Post east of Fillmore. I have not been in there in a month or so though. They are not grapefruit, but I forget the name.

      1. I think you want a pomelo. The flesh is not as juicy, nor as tart as a grapefruit. The top kind of comes to point instead of being round. I've see them around Oakland Chinatown in the past: Orient Market?

        There is a story in my family of how my mother or one of her siblings put a pomelo skin on the head of her grandfather, the family patriarch.

        1. If you're looking for pomelo, they're all over the Bay Area in season, which runs from roughly November to March.

          1. It's pomelo, but the pomelos we find in the US are way different from the ones imported. I've only seen the Asian ones which are yellow and smaller in size, sometimes smaller than a grapefruit. I've only seen the imported ones at 99 ranch once last year. I suppose you can try 99 ranch.